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August 31, 2022
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(Turkish: İzmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü, generally named İYTE) is a general public research institution in İzmir, chicken. İYTE maintains a solid focus on the all-natural sciences and engineering and is truly the only institute of the type in chicken with an unique concentrate on systematic study. İzmir Institute of tech is usually reported among chicken's top universities.

The method of instruction in most the divisions of İYTE is English.

Record and basic information[edit]

Founded on July 11, 1992 into the Aegean city of İzmir, the main areas of research that may be accessed in the İzmir Institute of tech are technology and technology. Within these areas, the college's main goals tend to be to undertake study, training, production, book and consultancy, among other things.

The campus is situated using one quite gorgeous stretches of Aegean coastline just away from city of Izmir. Comprising 6, 060 hectares (14, 980 acres), it boasts two old Roman baths, unique waterfalls, olive groves, vineyards, valleys, mountains, Mediterranean flora and landscaped areas — and the breathtaking sunsets and dawns that has to have inspired Anaxagoras as well as the builders regarding the earliest recognised essential olive oil atelier at Klazomenai some ten kilometers from university entry.

Spanning an Edenic natural environment (such as Antiquity understood) with expansive study and living premises in addition to urban facilities of an ancient, however energetic, town of three million residents, the İzmir Institute of tech provides a wide range of options the energetic, enquiring specialist and for the contemplative intellectual. Residing, working, and all-natural leisure facilities also a big variety of student tasks and recreations can be found on campus. Efficient transport between campus and city centre is supplied by the Institute via the İzmir-Çeşme Highway.

Traits and departments[edit]

İYTE has 16 academic divisions, most of which are organized in 3 traits. These departments are responsible for the undergraduate programs.

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Division of Architecture [1]
  • Department of Architectural Restoration [2]
  • Division of City and local thinking [3]
  • Department of Industrial Design [4]
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Division of Civil Engineering [5]
  • Division of Chemical Engineering [6]
  • Department of Computer Engineering [7]
  • Division of electric and Electronics Engineering [8]
  • Division of Food Engineering [9]
  • Division of Mechanical Engineering [10]
  • Professors of research
  • Division of Chemistry [11]
  • Department of Mathematics [12]
  • Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics [13]
  • Division of Physics [14]
  • And these, you can find Department of international Languages and division of General Cultural Courses.

    Graduate schools[edit]

    The scholar class of Engineering and Science is in charge of the postgraduate programs in IZTECH.

    Analysis centers[edit]

  • The guts for information analysis houses major analytical devices like electron microscope (SEM-EDS), X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning probe microscope (SPM), DTA-TGA, BET surface area measurement system with a 250 kN mechanical evaluating device. All projects linked to products science and manufacturing use the center sources at one point. Laboratories dedicated to materials research occupy 1500 square meters aided by the handling carried out in some other part of the campus and characterization of the created specimens done inside Center for Materials and analysis. IZTECH established fact for the cutting-edge analysis on advanced materials like composites, ceramics, metals and polymers. You can find four devoted technical workers in center each well-trained to make use of the analytical instruments. Significantly more than 20 faculty people offer the center through research and capital tasks.
  • The Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research Center is an interdisciplinary analysis center at IZTECH. Biotechnology and bioengineering is the location which takes component inside priority targets of IZTECH. The middle for Biotechnology and Bioengineering had been created in 2004 as a cooperative analysis and development relationship between universities, industry, as well as other interdisciplinary areas. The middle has built collaboration utilizing the other analysis facilities associated with institute particularly information analysis Center, Environment analysis Center and Food protection analysis Center. And so the center has built a summary of individuals from the institute alongside organizations collaborating with these centers thinking about biotechnology and bioengineering analysis. The goal is to increase this list and trigger the involvement among these folks. This center will foster analysis not only in laboratory degree but also make initiations so that you can carry over novel tasks to commercial degree.
  • The Food Safety analysis Center ended up being established in 2004. The middle is a multidisciplinary research group bringing together boffins through the disciplines of engineering, chemistry, and biology. The middle was established upon notion of the importance of the meals safety into the lack of which chronic infection, even demise, economic reduction emerge as unavoidable effects.
  • İzmir Technology Developing Zone[edit]

    İzmir tech developing Zone [15] (generally known as İYTE Teknopark) is a science and research park which occupies an area of 225.5 hectares on campus of IYTE. Connection to the airport, seaport, also to the organised industrial areas is supplied by the İzmir-Çeşme Highway. The Zone is able to serve entrepreneurs with five buildings in 12.200 square metres of enclosed room.


    İYTE is widely known to be a selective and tough institution. Pupils frequently drop-out early or take a longer period than normal to accomplish their particular scientific studies. Particularly, in Faculty of Engineering, just 50 % of the pupils can graduate from programs within their regular time.

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