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October 28, 2019
A group of students from METU

METU doesn't instantly offer incoming students with insurance policy. Students should have unique health insurance good in Turkey.

Health Conditions

As all going to pupils to Turkey travel outside Ankara and Istanbul at sometime in their stay, we advise them to have inoculations for tetanus as well as hepatitis plus the standard inoculations required of most institution students. Many all site visitors may go through some annoyed belly and diarrhoea during the very first week or so. Normally, its due simply to alterations in water and food and lasts for 3 or 4 times. Students should take in bottled water especially outside Ankara. They ought to avoid salads and also to peel all fresh fruits except in the home or perhaps in the higher restaurants. Restaurants tend to be graded in Turkey based on the form of service and consuming area. Eating in restaurants of courses is generally safe provided newly prepared meals tend to be consumed. Some students do get an intestinal illness during first month regardless of the attention they just take. When diarrhea will not clear within per week or ten times, pupils tend to be checked and treated at METU's clinic. Pupils can phone ICO staff night and day, in case there is really serious health problems or instance of crisis. Pupils should stay away from petting dogs and cats, especially the many strays, as discover rabies in chicken and sometimes-even pets are not inoculated against rabies.

Over exposure to sunlight and dehydration should be guarded against in the summer especially in the Southern parts of Turkey. Pupils should use hats whenever touring during the summertime. Ankara features hook air pollution issue during cold weather. Regarding times whenever air pollution is bad, such as for instance during a time period of environment inversion, pupils are encouraged to restrict their outside tasks, especially in the central part of the town in which air pollution is generally worse. METU Campus has actually less smog since it is within a forested location.

During winter months, snowfall and ice aren't cleansed off pavements in a lot of places. Pupils are warned that as snowfall melts away, refreezes and it is covered with additional layers of snowfall, walking, even on campus, becomes dangerous.

Medical service in Ankara is great. METU has actually a fully staffed wellness Clinic on campus providing you with for crisis needs and for small health problems. Healthcare service is less sufficient in smaller towns along with other parts of Turkey. Pupils are given disaster telephone figures to make use of in case there is illness or accidents while outside Ankara.

General Safety

Students deciding to study in chicken will see individuals friendly and helpful towards site visitors. Its a safe country; pupils can travel safely within most components of chicken. Terrorism, common previously in the southeastern part of chicken, hardly ever spread to many other elements of Turkey. Though vacation is safe, some traditional sense safety measures must be taken. Hitchhiking just isn't safe. Students should not carry large sums of money and should hold passports in a secure devote case their particular bags may be carried away by muggers. Pupils must get a residence license which should be held constantly. You might be recommended never to travel alone in rural areas or through the night. It is always advisable, even in the event taking a trip in teams, to inquire about the safety associated with the areas you intend to go to.

Ankara is a really safe town with minimal violent criminal activity and incredibly small petty crime. Students, both males and females, can go about Ankara & most huge locations in Turkey both day-and-night but ought to know, that as in all huge metropolitan areas, particular areas aren't safe during the night specially for ladies. There is an energetic nightlife in Ankara suited for institution pupils. But pupils visit such locations in groups or couples, not the only one.

The main security concern is traffic. Turkey features increased rate of deaths through traffic accidents. Pupils has to take even more safety measures in crossing streets and attention is necessary even when pedestrians possess right-of-way.

Personal Safety

Dilemmas of personal security are covered during direction program. Pupils get information about the town of Ankara, specifically which areas are safe, where pupils might go at night and security tips about town transport. Students, particularly ladies, are advised to not stay completely later at night alone. If utilizing taxis later at night, it is wise to utilize a taxi from 1 of the numerous Taxi really stands rather than flagging a passing taxi in the street.
Pupils are urged to just take safety measures about individual belongings while they would at home. Pupils staying in the dormitories have actually a location where they can lock valuables including passports. They need to perhaps not carry about large sums of money.

Ladies can experience some harassment regarding roads using districts regarding the city and in smaller cities. Guys will make reviews or follow-on the road. Touching hardly ever does occur. Turkish young women manage this matter by dressing up or inconspicuously, never make attention contact and walking purposively. Throughout chicken both international both women and men is approached by individuals of all centuries who'll want to chat in English. Kids specially will observe due to their arsenal of English concerns. These types of methods can be annoying and may be handled by ignoring.

Traffic in Turkey is amongst the significant reasons of death. Students must learn how to simply take great care in crossing roads even when pedestrians have the right-of-way. Cars do not end for pedestrians also at Pedestrian Crossings. Driving while impaired of alcohol is typical although authorities tend to be making even more efforts at control. Students don't need to, indeed shouldn't, accept a ride from a friend who has been consuming.

Pupils are encouraged never to drive in Turkey. Transportation within places is adequate and cheap. Inter-city coach service is great, safe and in addition reasonably affordable. But we advise students to use coach companies with exceptional traffic documents also to avoid, when possible, vacation at night. Each and every time students can ask guidance during the SAO pertaining to your forthcoming travel.

All-natural Disasters

A significant quake fault operates east to west through chicken and smaller faults are observed in Southwest and Southern components. While earthquakes are not anticipated in central Ankara, tremors are thought. Students receive directions about what to complete in the event of powerful tremors in Ankara and how to handle it whenever they be traveling in an area when an earthquake does occur. Considering that the major quake inside Istanbul region in August 1999, the catastrophe administration processes in chicken have enhanced. Flooding takes place in some areas of chicken and may be dangerous for tourists. However, there is always ample caution and vacation restrictions to these types of areas tend to be implemented at such times.

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