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January 10, 2020
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Ankara University Stem Cell Institute (AU-SCI) could be the first and only institute of Turkey serving within particular field. AU-SCI’s goal is always to gather fundamental experts and physicians of Turkish academia taking care of stem cells and regenerative medication, by performing multi-centered and multi-disciplined tasks in synergy.

AU-SCI aims to further develop the ongoing stem cell applications, services and academic activities that are presently done at Ankara University. Our system is designed to play a role in global research, as well as the culture, during the highest degree possible. To this end, we follow high effectiveness and high quality guarantee as our standard of procedure.

• an important target is always to carry out public also R&D jobs on stem cells, cellular treatments and regenerative medication. We make an effort to be concerned in such tasks through fruitful partnerships, consultancy roles so when a source of infrastructural or a scientific assistance. Other goals tend to be;
• Involvement in national and international R&D jobs that will result in innovations, novel products and general public gains that will generate economic comes back.
• Collaborating with Ministry of health insurance and related institutions as consultant, on installing of stem cellular laboratories and stem cellular storage finance companies.
• Providing consultancy for clinical analysis ethics committees and also to be a part of community guidelines which need special expertise on stem cellular research and applications, comes forward.

Delivering higher level therapy medicinal products and translating stem cellular research to your culture, to medical science and also to the experts is an essential aim of Ankara University Stem Cell Institute. So that you can satisfy this, “The Center for Cell and Tissue production” complying with good manufacturing techniques (GMP) had been founded inside the institute.
The aim is supply Ministry of wellness, study establishments, and university hospitals with stem cellular and structure items manufactured during the Center for Cell and Tissue production.
Also, we seek to establish effective use protocols of these items, after up clinical outcomes of regenerative therapies and lastly, on a broader good sense, to serve as a nationwide and worldwide reference center for the industry.

At Ankara University Stem Cell Institute, we seek to carry out R&D projects and strategic research that may produce results having considerable effect in worldwide scale. Inside framework;
• Research on higher level tailored mobile treatments,
• Research on advanced level treatment medicinal services and products (ATMPs),
• analysis on muscle and organ engineering,
• analysis on regenerative biomaterials,
• infection research within the framework of regenerative medication,
• Research on muscle tradition technologies (separation, expansion, enrichment, split, storage space and high quality evaluation),
• Research on manufacturing and technology development of test reactives and nano-biotechnological items,
• analysis on stem cellular biology and gene treatment,
• And, to perform study on investigating the affectivity of novel therapies on experimental designs, are the upcoming dilemmas

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