Ankara University Faculty of Medicine

August 26, 2022
Ankara University, Faculty of

RS37505_KA-20151014-IMG_1573-scrAnkara University’s Rector, Dr. Erkan İbiş, Vice-Rector, Dr. Kasım Karakütük, and Dr. İlhan Karasubaşı, Consultant for Overseas Affairs went to Semmelweis University.

The delegation ended up being obtained by Dr. Ágoston Szél, Rector, Dr. György Bagdy, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Marcel Pop, Director of International Relations and Dr. Judit Vadlövő venture Coordinator from the Directorate of Overseas Relations.

RS37520_KA-20151014-IMG_1516-scrthrough the conference the associates of both universities had the chance to get an understanding of the structure and priority areas of others organization. Ankara University’s Faculty of Medicine consumes a prestigious place among the Turkish universities and has now a comprehensive community of worldwide relations and they are also planning to present English programmes.

Both functions decided on the planning of an agreement which will be signed on celebration of a future meeting. The arrangement would include cooperation inside the framework of Erasmus+ programme, staff change and shared research in fields that both universities have research services for while having achieved significant results (eg. oncology, brain research, pharmaceutical sciences and hepathology).

Considering Dr. Ágoston Szél’s advice, in order to begin the collaboration partnerships between your two universities’ traits of drugstore and medication should be organised very first. The concept of a collaboration amongst the two doctoral schools was discussed and, as both functions contemplate it a fantastic chance of postgraduate students to be able to do analysis and study in another country, while researching its medical results, language and tradition in addition.

Dr. Judit Vadlövő, Directorate of Global Relations

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