Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Mines

October 21, 2022
Figure 1

F.H. “Mick” Merelli/Cimarex Energy Distinguished Department Head Seat

Contact Information

Room 203 Marquez Hall
Golden, Colorado 80401 USA
Workplace: (303) 273-3188
FAX: (303) 273-3189


B.S., M.S., Istanbul Specialized University
Ph.D., University of Tulsa


Erdal Ozkan is a professor of Petroleum Engineering. He's got BS and MS degrees from Istanbul Technical University and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Tulsa, all in Petroleum Engineering. He has over two decades of teaching and study experience at Istanbul Specialized University, The University of Tulsa, and Colorado class of Mines. Their primary research interests tend to be horizontal and multilateral well technology, pressure-transient evaluation, modeling fluid circulation in permeable news, and unconventional reservoirs. He joined up with the PE Department at Colorado School of Mines in 1998 in which he is a co-director of Marathon Center of quality for Reservoir Studies (MCERS) as well as the scholar Program Coordinator when it comes to PE Department. Dr. Ozkan is a Distinguished person in SPE as well as the recipient associated with the SPE Formation Evaluation Award (2007). He could be additionally an associate of this United states Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME, and The Mathematical Association of America.

Erdal Ozkan has posted and provided over 100 reports in prestigious refereed journals and technical conferences, co-authored a novel, and added to several others. Dr. Ozkan is also earnestly active in the business of technical conferences; a few examples include the Steering Committee regarding the SPE Forum on Reservoir Engineering areas of Multilateral and Advanced Wells (1999), Chair of the Organizing Committee when it comes to SPE Advanced Technology Workshop on Unconventional Gas (2006), Steering Committee for the SPE Advanced tech Workshop on improvements in Performance Diagnostics for Fractured and Horizontal Wells (2007), and Co-Chair for the Organizing Committee associated with SPE Technical Conference on Shale Gas manufacturing (2008 and 2010).

Dr. Ozkan acts when you look at the editorial boards of crucial technical journals. He was the Executive publisher regarding the SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering, Chief publisher of Elsevier Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, and Associate Technical Editor of ASME Journal of Energy Resources tech. He also functions as a referee for many US and worldwide study foundations. He is an associate of the SPE Reservoir definition and Dynamics Advisory Committee and a Technical Director of SPE analysis and developing Technical part.

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