Ankara Language schools

October 28, 2022
Kent English - Language

IALC 2015 Vienna Central European WorkshopIALC welcomed 34 representatives within resort Point Taksim in Istanbul, and 21 agents on Hilton in Ankara, for the full day's networking and conferences. The IALC chicken Roadshow allowed representatives to satisfy right with representatives at IALC schools, with no inconvenience of worldwide travel.

Agents were able to select from many approved language programs, satisfying choice producers representing 15 all year round language centres in The united kingdomt and Scotland, 3 in Ireland along with schools in New Zealand, Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

"Through our 2015 research* we found that agents value the simple access to decision manufacturers and personal service made available from IALC schools, "explains IALC advertising Manager, Hollie Coffey that is currently getting excellent feedback from the schools as well as the agents which went to."The possibility to have one on one group meetings with owners and administrators from our schools helps develop the strong working interactions and trust that is essential in our business."

* supply: IALC 2015 Research Report on Perceptions of Independent and Boutique Chain institutes in Language Travel. See p.29 on agents’ preferences towards keeping interactions with providers.

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