Medical education Conference Turkey 2015

October 25, 2022
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ICME 2015 - Future Challenges in Health Professions knowledge

Istanbul, Chicken

ICME 2015 needs destination in the Halic Congress Center, The Sole Seaside Congress Center of İstanbul. It really is readily available by trains and buses. For more information, kindly go to

Just who should exhibit at ICME 2015?

  • Writers of medical and standard research textbooks and journals relevant to educators in medicine and medical vocations.
  • Manufacturers and vendors of training helps including simulators, computers, mobile technology and
  • Designers of E-learning bundles; organizations offering something in medical training, e.g. examination, data handling.
  • Pharmaceutical companies with involvement in undergraduate and continuing medical knowledge, enabling them the opportunity to highlight and show educational resources they own created or supported.
  • Institutions and figures providing courses for health care specialists throughout the continuum of knowledge.
  • Institutions in charge of administration or regulation in medicine additionally the health care careers.
  • Professional figures and health schools.

ICME-2015 Sponsorship Possibilities

During ICME 2015 different sponsorship opportunities occur for several organizations who wishes to be part of the ICME 2015 Conference. Take note that sponsorship is limited and will be allocated on a primary arrive very first provide foundation.

The following sponsorship plans can be found:

PLATINUM PACKAGE (AED 25000 + VAT if relevant):

Platinum package includes:

Stall when you look at the event that includes the next

  • 5m x 3m booth (Height: 2.5m).
  • Fascia (30cm level)
  • 2 Power sockets
  • 5 x spotlights
  • 2 x tables
  • 4 x seats

Display on ICME web site: company name, logo design, 100-word business summary, contact information and weblink.

Advertisement in abstract book and Conference Brochure: a page shade ad when you look at the abstract book and seminar brochure.

ICME Venue advertising: company logo to-be presented in the primary backdrop/projection.

Conference Bag Insert: Single web page inserts (maximum dimensions A4). Inserts is created and delivered by the exhibitor at their own cost. Material is usually to be given by the sponsor 14 days before the conference in Istanbul.

Comprehensive Conference Registration: For 4 pre-nominated individuals which allow entry to seminar sessions you need to include refreshments, lunches and attendance during the orifice service and reception.

GOLD BUNDLE (AED 22500 + VAT if appropriate):

Gold package includes:

  • 4m x 3m booth (level: 2.5m).
  • 4 x spotlights
  • 2 x table
  • 3 x chairs

Display on ICME Website: business name, logo, 50-word company summary, contact information and weblink.

Advertisement in abstract book and meeting Brochure: one half page shade ad inside abstract guide and meeting brochure.

Full Conference Registration: For 3 pre-nominated people which enable entry to seminar sessions and include refreshments, lunches and attendance during the opening service and reception.

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