University of Bilkent World Rankings

September 8, 2022
Bilkent Business School

In occasions Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for 2015–16, Bilkent University has once more been ranked one of the top 400.

Record puts Bilkent into the selection of universities rated 351–400. Among Turkish universities, Bilkent ranks second, and Sabancı University.

This year’s top-ranked Turkish institution, Koç, was put into the team rated 251–300. Bilkent and Sabancı had been rated in the 351–400 team; Boğaziçi, METU and İTU in the 501–600 group; and Ankara, Erciyes, Hacettepe, İstanbul and Yıldız into the 601–800 team.

Into the THE positions, only the top 200 schools obtain individual ranks; the rest tend to be detailed within teams. In 2014-2015, THE rated universities in chicken below: METU 85th, Boğaziçi 139th, İTÜ 165th, Sabancı 182nd, Bilkent 201–225 and Koç 301–350.

Several modifications had been included in to the means the positioning had been put together this year. These included:

1) growth of this few universities ranked. This present year, the ranking included 801 universities, rather than 400 the previous year. Among the list of newly placed institutions, 61 entered record above place 400. This affected the keeping of many establishments already when you look at the positioning.

2) Adjustment to nation normalization of citations. Within the 2014 and early in the day ranks, a “regional modification” was placed on the citation results for every single university. If a university done above their particular national average, this customization would give them a lift globally. This year, THE modified their methodology to include a citation influence signal that took the common score between “pure” citation effect and also the country-normalized citation impact.

3) The selection of a fresh data source. Citation information originated from Elsevier’s Scopus database, addressing a much broader number of publications regarding source language as compared to Thomson Reuters internet of Science, which takes care of mostly English-language magazines. This triggered the addition of numerous organizations that had perhaps not managed to make it into the positions prior to.

Global, this year’s top-ranked universities were the Ca Institute of tech (1st) the University of Oxford (2nd), Stanford University (3rd) in addition to University of Cambridge (4th).

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