University of Bilkent Turkey

December 20, 2019
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Bilkent University is recognized and rated internationally given that leading organization of advanced schooling in Turkey. Located in the country's capital city Ankara, an exciting metropolis of 4.5 million, the university functions as a hub of scholastic, social and cultural activity.

Bilkent University had been established in 1984 as Turkey's very first exclusive, nonprofit institution of advanced schooling. With world-renowned scholars on its professors and exemplary universities throughout its university, Bilkent these days appeals to lots of chicken's brightest highschool students. The institution hosts over 13, 000 students seeking degrees in 34 undergraduate and 53 graduate programs.

Bilkent University prides itself on its truly international point of view. The medium of training at Bilkent is English, and its own international community of scholars and pupils types an essential element of the university’s scholastic and social life. Overseas professors and instructors comprise over a quarter of all of the scholastic staff, representing 40 various countries. There was an evergrowing human anatomy of full time international pupils and trade students coming from 75 nations.

Bilkent University provides a lively cultural and social environment. The 500-hectare campus is just 12 kilometers through the center of Ankara, with comfortable access towards the city's areas, shopping places, cultural tasks, museums, and activity venues. Besides, Bilkent's place in the historically rich Anatolian heartland enables comfortable access to many other cities, conventional villages, stunning landscapes, historic sites, and locations of good cultural interest through the entire nation.

Bilkent University was placed 28th when you look at the 2015 circumstances advanced schooling 100 Under 50 set of the entire world's most readily useful young universities and 30th within the 2015 circumstances Higher Education Asia University Rankings . Chief among the list of factors that ensure increased standard of knowledge at Bilkent is a faculty earnestly engaged in study. As teachers and trainers, they communicate with pupils in modern classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories, connected by an extensive internet and computer infrastructure.

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