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September 17, 2021
Kochi University of Technology

Kindly choose several project(s) that you need to do at KUT and listing it/them regarding SSP application form.

*SSP applicant need a high ability of composing and communication in English using objective, adequate understanding and analysis skill to work inside following research projects.

(1) This research project number is just applicable to SSP, not to ever Ordinary system.
(2) All About the list is subject to transform with no warning.

Analysis Field Project Commander Project Name(PDF) Required Abilities
Material and Lifetime Systems Engineering
Basic Molecular Biology -Molecular Genetics Offered
Used Molecular Cellular Genetics -Molecular Genetics
Organic Artificial Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Nitro Chemistry -Fundamental Natural Biochemistry
-Spectral Analyses (1H NMK, 13C NMR, IR, MS)
-Fundamental Experimental Manipulations
Theoretical Physics, Quantum Engineering -College level math
-Programming Ability
Semiconductor materials and product physics, versatile Devices, clear Electronics. Flat Panel Shows -Semiconductor materials and product physics,
-material evaluation strategies, vacuum system,
-material processing strategies (Photolithography, PVDs, and CVDs),
-device physics and electrical properties evaluations.
-Fundamental Natural Biochemistry
-Spectral Analyses (1H, 13C NMR, IR, MS)
-Fundamental Experimental Manipulations
-Knowledge of artificial organic biochemistry and inorganic chemistry.
-Skills to operate XRD, SEM, and TEM.
-materials science, crystallography, machine system, electron microscopy
-English conversing and composing
-programming and data analysis on Linux, and glass-work
Molecular Developmental Biology -A solid understanding of molecular and cellular biology
-An understanding of developmental biology (preferred)
-General molecular biology skills
Nano-meter scale fabrication
Ion beam technology
Material technology
-Material Science
Smart Mechanical Techniques Engineering
Dynamics of Liquid Amazingly -Fluid Dynamics,
-Applied Physics
Control Concept, Intelligent Robotics -Control Theory (Robust,Adaptive)
-Programming Skill(VC++,Java)
Mechanical Control System Engineering, Robotics -Control Theory,
-Dynamical Research,
Thin film Fabrication Semiconductor Device Fabrication Response Engineering Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering Physical Chemistry Fluid Dynamics Quantum Mechanics - Physical Biochemistry
- Substance (Response) Engineering
- Quantum Physics
- liquid (Thermo)dynamics
- X-ray
Electronic and Photonic Techniques Engineering
Optical communications -Fundamental understanding on analogue circuit,
-optical/electrical products and signal processing potential of communication and writing in English
Plasma Electronics, Plasma Science and Engineering, Petrol Discharges, Plasma Processing, Nanotechnology, and Nano-material -physics, chemistry, electromagnetics, electronics and electric engineering,
-basic familiarity with principles of gas discharge and plasma science, vacuum cleaner system and engineering, some experience in plasma production and diagnosis,
-basic familiarity with product research while the skills to operate product analyzers such SEM, TEM, EDS, XRD, Raman, FT-IR, XPS, etc
-Analog circuit design (Deep Sub-micron MOS)
-Logic circuit design (Verilog, VHDL)
-Software technique,
Nanomaterials and Technology, Semiconductor, Photonic and Electoric and gadgets - Study or research background in material research (especially oxide-metal semiconductor material), optoelectronics, physics, and chemical physics.
- expertise in the fabrication and evaluation of nano-scale products.
- Good English conversation and educational writing skills.
Computer Science and Engineering -Deep knowledge in picture processing, image function descriptors
-Deep comprehension in machine learning,
-boosting, decision tree formulas, etc
-C++, OpenCV, FPGA programming languages
-Understanding in personal feeling and good sense
-Computer vision, image processing
-Modeling information by device discovering and reasoning
-Terminal operation of Linux OS
-Discrete math, Finite mathematics, Statistics
-C and C++ languages for computer programming
Physics of optoelectronic products -Characterization of inorganic products,
-Thin film growth,
-Solid condition physics
Information Science, Thin-film Engineering -Thin Film Engineering,
-Material Science,
Optical wavefront control
Optical measurement
Quantum measurement
Quantum optics
-Undergraduate level math (calculus and linear algebra)
-Quantum physics
-Geometric optics, wave optics, polarization optics
Computer structure and VLSI design, Reconfigurable structure and its own CAD -Computer design and FPGA structure
-HDL design and FPGA implementation
-C and/or C++ language for computer programming
Information Techniques Engineering
Computer design and LSI design -Computer research and engineering,
-LSI design skills,
-Embedded software programming skill
Frontier of User Interface Research The candidate need a highly skilled background in Computer Science, information Technology and/or HCI. The candidate should show outstanding scholastic performance (e.g. good development abilities, powerful familiarity with math and statistics, connection technologies e.g. Microsoft Kinect, eye tracking system, smartphones, etc.), research capability, communication and interpersonal abilities, and demonstrated power to work as element of a team plus by themselves when you look at the Ren Lab. The candidate need strong ability when you look at the English language (Japanese is an advantage, not crucial). Offered
Human Computer Communication Outstanding track record in Computer Science, I . t and/or HCI. Outstanding academic performance (age.g., good development skills, powerful knowledge of mathematics and statistics, knowledge about connection technologies e.g. attention tracking systems, smartphones and movement tracking systems), study ability, great communication and social skills
Human-Computer Interacting With Each Other - Work individually as well as in an international team
Source: www.kochi-tech.ac.jp
Matha College of Technology
Matha College of Technology
KSU CUSAT (Cochin University) Kochi, Ernakulam
KSU CUSAT (Cochin University) Kochi, Ernakulam
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Kochi University | Introduction Video
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