Ankara University of Turkey

October 12, 2022
Ankara University - Studies

Ankara University provides low-priced accommodation at its 7 dormitories for both Turkish and international students. The totally furnished solitary, dual and triple areas include phone, television and no-cost cordless net access. Dormitories also have washing and ironing facilities, internet rooms, physical fitness saloons, cafeterias. Additionally there are exclusive or general public dormitories outside the AnkaraUniversity campuses provides solution to AnkaraUniversity students.

Ankara University can provide health services for all students within UniversityHealthCenter and UniversityHospitals.

Ankara University features a wide range recreation facilities including Olympic pool, indoor-outdoor tennis courts, baseball, volleyball, football process of law and industries, available to use of numerous amateur recreation groups. All students can use these services for free except a very tiny amount of membership charge taken for share.

The university offer socially and culturally active life with more than 180 student groups energetic in wide range in arts and sports such as theater, rugby or people dances. Pupils can go to shows, plays, concerts and conferences organized by university or by student clubs in several show and conference halls in several campuses during entire year. Additionally college can provide reasonably priced or no-cost attendance opportunities for its pupils to variety of events, beyond your institution.

University’s entertainment facilities at Ilgaz Ski Resort and ManavgatRecreationCenter make possible to pay their particular holydays in both summer time and winter season for its students. These services in addition give chance to introduce Turkey’s essential touristic industries for international pupils.

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Turkey: Ankara students protest over plans to build road
Turkey: Ankara students protest over plans to build road ...
Ankara Universitesi D.T.C.F olay / kavga (2008)
Ankara Universitesi D.T.C.F olay / kavga (2008)
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