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June 5, 2023
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Ideas DP Suggestions (Grades 11 & 12)
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP), initially analyzed in 1968, is a demanding pre-university course of research leading to exams; it really is made for extremely motivated additional school students aged 16 to 19. The programme has acquired a reputation for rigorous evaluation, offering IB diploma holders access to the world’s leading universities. The IB indicates, throughout 30 years, that students are well prepared for university work.

The Diploma Programme’s grading system is criterion referenced: each student’s overall performance is assessed against well-defined amounts of accomplishment consistent from 1 evaluation session to a higher. Grades mirror attainment of knowledge and abilities in accordance with set standards being used similarly to all or any schools.

The programme is a comprehensive two-year intercontinental curriculum that usually additionally permits students to fulfil the requirements of these national or condition knowledge methods. The Diploma Programme incorporates ideal aspects of national methods without having to be predicated on any one. Globally cellular pupils have the ability to transfer from IB school to a different, while students which remain closer to home reap the benefits of a highly respected international curriculum.

The programme was born of efforts to ascertain a typical curriculum and college entry credential for pupils moving from a single nation to some other. International teachers were inspired by practical considerations but also by an idealistic eyesight: pupils should share an academic experience that emphasizes crucial reasoning, intercultural understanding and contact with a number of things of view. These days you will find equal amounts of students from intercontinental schools and condition or national systems.

The idealism has remained unchanged, nevertheless. The IB’s objective would be to offer students with all the values and options that will enable them to produce sound wisdom, make smartly chosen options, and admire others within the global community. The Diploma Programme equips pupils aided by the skills and attitudes necessary for success in higher education and work.

The programme has got the strengths of an easy curriculum, but with three important extra functions:
1. Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
2. Creativity, Action, Provider (CAS)
3. Extended Essay

Istanbul Overseas Community School is pleased to have already been offering the IB Diploma Programme since 2000.

Theory of
Knowledge Theory of real information

Theory of Knowledge is an interdisciplinary necessity designed to stimulate critical expression, to develop analytical ability constructed on knowledge attained outside and inside the classroom. This course challenges pupils to question the bases of knowledge, to be familiar with subjective and ideological biases and develop the capability to evaluate proof. TOK is a vital element in encouraging pupils to comprehend various other cultural perspectives.
This course is unique towards the International Baccalaureate business, which suggests about 100 hours of teaching time spanning the 2 many years of the Diploma Programme.

Diploma candidates are encouraged to think on every aspect of the work for the programme. They analyze the lands for the ethical, political and visual judgments that individuals must make inside their day-to-day everyday lives.

Action, Provider Creativity, Action, Service

The IB’s goal is always to teach the complete individual, to assist pupils come to be accountable, compassionate people. The CAS requirement encourages pupils to share with you their power and special skills with other people: students may, for instance, be involved in theatre of music productions, sports and community solution tasks. Students should, through these activities, develop better awareness of on their own and issue for other individuals, and capacity to work co-operatively along with other folks.

•Creativity is translated generally. It provides a wide range of arts tasks but can also be understood to be the imagination pupils reveal in creating and implementing service tasks or discovering a new skill

•Action can include not only participation in individual and team activities but additionally taking part in expeditions as well as in local or worldwide projects.

•Service encompasses many community and social service tasks, eg helping kids with special needs, checking out hospitals, schools, and orphanages, and working with refugees or homeless folks.

Because of their CAS experience in general, including their particular reflections, there ought to be evidence that pupils have actually:
-increased their understanding of their particular strengths and areas for growth
-undertaken brand-new difficulties
-planned and initiated activities
-worked collaboratively with other people
-shown perseverance and dedication inside their tasks
-engaged with problems of worldwide significance
-considered the ethical ramifications of the actions
-developed new skills

Essay Long Essay

Each student gets the possibility to investigate a topic of special-interest in a 4, 000-word study report. The prolonged article requirement acquaints diploma prospects utilizing the variety of independent study and writing abilities anticipated by universities. The IB recommends that students devote an overall total of about 40 hours of personal study and writing time for you to the article, which might be written in among 60 topics. The essay allows students to deepen their particular understanding of programmes of research, for example by selecting a topic in just one of their courses, or adding breadth to their scholastic knowledge by electing to write in a discipline not incorporated into their particular programme alternatives.

Topics Six Subjects

Diploma applicants study 6 subjects. They have to pick one topic from each of Groups 1-5. The option of topic from Group 6 is not compulsory and so students may pick a moment topic from Groups 1 – 4, instead of a bunch 6 topic.

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