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October 26, 2022
Asli takes the school bus from

isletme02İstanbul University Faculty of company Management is listed among the 1000 TOP COMPANY SCHOOLS


İstanbul University Faculty of company Management happens to be initial company administration professors of Turkey. It is often founded in 1968 in order to raise well-informed and competent administration applicants that effective at playing an energetic role into the nationwide and intercontinental affairs of the country.

The building blocks of faculty has-been founded by Harvard Business class and the Ford Foundation that has founded The Institute of Business Economy in 1957. These endeavors to meet up the need for company management training have now been completed in 1968, and Faculty of Busi- ness control has begun supplying trained in Beyazıt in 1983. Faculty of Business control ended up being relocated to Rumelihisarüstü and contains eventually settled with its current building in Avcılar Campus in 1989.


Company management, which is perhaps one of the most preferred professions of your time, will be based upon training the students as modern, powerful and responsible administration candidates who are able to incorporate on earth and think globally. In this framework, İstanbul University Faculty of Business Man- agement lays special increased exposure of increasing its students as individuals who can interpret, concern and negotiate theoretical knowledge, and that are highly creative and have attained knowledge about useful training.

Instruction in the professors is maintained in 8 divisions. Into the Institute of Business Economy together with Institute of Accountancy which are launched on professors offer various graduate programs and study possibilities. Also, M.A. and Ph.D. programs tend to be carried out because of the 8 divisions

isletme01 (Accountancy, Finance, Numerical practices, Business Management and Or- ganization, Organizational Behavior, Human resources Management, Market- ing, manufacturing Departments) which are administered by the Institute of personal Sciences.

Faculty publishes “Journal for the School of company Administration”
which include educational studies and appears in print twice a year since
1972 as well as the Institute of company Economy publishes “Journal of handle- ment” which appears on the net 3 x per year since 1976. The previous editions of this journals can be found online.

The Institute of Business Economy

The rapid growth of the personal industry because of the 1950’s for which liberal politics have actually began to be pursued in Turkish economic climate features induced the necessity for managers fully built with modern-day business management understanding. Since there is no actual academic institution providing train- ing running a business management as a division on it's own in chicken at those times, The Institute of company Economy ended up being created in 1954 using the endeavors of two prominent entrepreneurs of Turkish economy, namely Vehbi Koç and Nejat Eczacıbaşı, with all the academic contributions of Harvard company School therefore the monetary help of this Ford basis, within İstanbul University Faculty of Economy.

isletme03The programs that the Institute was to offer were much like the MBA programs of Harvard company class, and were prepared by the professors members of that college, who found chicken. Also, numerous professors members from chicken were sent to Harvard company School for training. Thus, with

‘The company control Specialization Program’ that was established in
1957, the graduate training in the world of business administration features started.

The Institute of company Economy offers graduates programs of MBA degree and MS degrees in various business topics, and in addition certificate programs.

Life during the Faculty

Faculty of company control, along with its motto of ‘quality in business administration education’, trains significantly more than 3000 student in several pro- grms annually.

The students have the ability to join the groups associated with faculty (company handle- ment, community and Sports Club) and also the clubs in The Students’ Cultural Center, relating to their particular aspects of interest, and arrange artistic and social activities, and create jobs. Within the university, you will find social services, library, post-office and ATM’s are observed in order to meet with the students’ requirements.

İMED (Faculty of Business Management Alumni Association) that's been started in 1957 provides the professors graduates full help to get jobs, and organizes different activities to enhance the connection between the graduates.

The professors which have pioneered Business Management learning chicken:
İstanbul University Faculty of Business Control
• The Institute of Business Economy may be the first academic institution that has trained company directors and supervisors within the contemporary feeling in chicken. Initial post-graduate training within field in Turkey has additionally been made available from the Institute of company Economy.

• İstanbul University Faculty of Business control could be the very first business man- agement faculty of our nation.

• İstanbul University Faculty of company control is listed among the list of 1000
TOP COMPANY INSTITUTES because of an assessment and comparison between significantly more than 4000 company administration schools on earth, performed by EDUNIVERSAL, and contains already been awarded the Four Palms award that is given to the best schools.

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