Braintree High School Turkey Trot

November 1, 2022
Issued for Braintree

Race outcomes compiled by Ivan Blecher and Owen Judge.
Should your time isn't shown, please email Ivan Blecher and then he will publish it.
If any person runs a PR in a competition let Ivan understand, and he will note it next to your finishing time.

Walters Run 5K, West Roxbury, December 14
Bob Hannon 23:34 2nd Div.
Lenny Busa 24:07
Heather Tierney 27:58
Bob Gaudet 32:09
Charlotte Cuneo 38:46
Roberta Allison 38:47
Kathryn McGonagle (age 8/10) 42:27
Neil McGonagle 42:28

Yulefest 5K, Cambridge, December 14
Ted Resnikoff 21:14 3rd Div.
Jim Provenzano 22:32
Maureen Lamie 22:53
Sarah Norcott 23:43
Adrian Bellando 25:02
Leo Fonseca 26:00
Julie Tuite 28:25
Stephanie Kloos 36:33

Jingle Bell 5K, Hingham, December 13
Bea D'Angelo 32:20 second Div.

Morrison School 5K, Braintree, December 7
Sinead McGlynn 24:35 1st Female Overall
Tina Karas 29:19
Monica Manning 31:36
Anne-marie McDonald 45:17 first Div.

Catholic Academy 5K, South Boston, December 6
Brendan Lynch 17:46 third Div.
Sara Lupica 22:18 1st Div.
Wynn Gatewood 23:08
Josh Nemzer 24:38
Liz O' Shea 25:56 third Div.
Jeff Tassi 26:48
Mary Hurley 27:07
Michelle Doherty 27:57
Aaron Nemzer 28:04
Tina Karas 28:06
Jessica Lynch 29:18
Alissa Nemzer 29:31
Caitlin Doherty 32:10
Jack Roman 36:00
Mary Scherr 36:31 1st Div.
Monica Manning 43:36
Owen Judge 43:39 first Div.

Andrea Holden 5K, Dennis, December 6
Lisa Motta 21:45 1st Div.

Ho, Ho, Ho 5K, Norwood, December 6
Jen Egan 22:12 3rd Div.
Lenny Busa 23:43
Anne-marie McDonald 48:15 1st Div.

Dream Catcher 5 Miler, Weymouth, November 27
Kevin Griffin 34:21
Brendan Nee 35:21
Andrew Walsh 36:38
Jose Sanchez 37:13
Lauren Frazier 37:42
Maureen Lamie 38:11
Monica Smith 40:21
Lenny Busa 40:22
John Hubbard 40:25
Paul Joseph 42:42
James Walsh 43:39
Dave Cummings 44:25
Ed Glora 45:28
Michelle Doherty 46:42
Dennis Keenan 47:15
Dennis Doherty 47:36
Kevin Kelly 51:04
Rob Tyrrell 51:17
Monica Manning 52:45
Judy Callahan 52:48
Bea D'Angelo 52:52
Caitlin Doherty 52:58
Anne Marie McDonald 1:08:36 2nd Div.

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble 4 Miler, Somerville, November 27
Steve Murray 26:48
Jim Provenzano 29:00
Donald Hess 31:42
Joe Tomasini 33:44
Elaine Blais 36:20
Maureen Tighe 37:16
Cindy Jolliemore 37:46
Michelle Dannaher 38:04
Terri Murray 41:09
Stephanie Kloos 46:44

Thank You For Giving 5K, Cohasset, November 27
Holly Madden 19:48 1st Female Overall
Tom O'Mara 31:02

Braintree Twelfth Grade 5K, November 27
Jack Graney 25:17 2nd Div.
Devon Costello 26:15
Dan Fullam 26:22
Jane Bagley 26:52
Libby Costello 37:55

Gortex Half Marathon, Philadelphia, Pa, November 23
Patty McCarthy 2:37:20
Stacie Cohane 2:37:20

Turkey Trot 4 Miler, Norwood, November 23
Jen Eagen 28:52
Mike Keegan 30:42
Patrick Doherty 30:46
Bob Hannon 30:57
Chad Triveri 31:10
Tracy Abber 32:04
Patrick Brophy 33:12
Heather McLoughlin 33:31
Lisa Morrissey 33:19
Sheree Atkinson 36:06
Irene Aurilio 40:19
Anne Marie McDonald 55:39 1st Div.
Best Buddies 5K, Milton, November 22
Jeanne Schmidt 29:38
Henry Stankiewicz 32:29
Nancy Bulger 39:06

Myles Standish Marathon, Plymouth, November 16
Jose Sanchez 5:11:30
Phil Hailer 5:48:40

Southern Shore Half Marathon, Norwell, November 16
Hassan Haydar 1:33:15 second Div.
Matt Kelsch 1:33:15
Sara Lupica 1:41:46 1st Div.
Joseph Henry 1:42:09
Jim Provenzano 1:45:33
Michael Sullivan (Weymouth) 1:48:33
Jenna Schlafman 1:49:35
Dave Liffers 1:50:05
Tom Dearnley 1:50:38
Coreen LeBrun 1:51:35
Robert Fitzgerald 1:51:41
Lauren Frazier 1:53:18
Stephanie Guerriero 1:56:14 PR
Andrea Leverentz 2:00:00
Leo Coppens 2:00:44
Tricia Sprague 2:01:05
Jaclyn Magner 2:05:02
Tracy Abber 2:06:17
Michael McDonagh 2:06:26
Jack Graney 2:08:19
Daniel Herman 2:08:50
Libby Costello 2:10:45
Joanne Morris 2:12:27 first Div.
Kathleen Slowey 2:12:55
Denise Donovan 2:15:38
Maureen Fitzgerald 2:19:00
Jessica Lynch 2:19:11
Carla Smith 2:21:35
Stephanie MacIsaac 2:24:08
Heather Saykowski 2:38:28

Plymouth River Class 5K, Hingham, November 9
Bea D'Angelo 32:04 1st Div.
Ann Marie McDonald 40:46 2nd Div.

Camy 5K, Walpole, November 8
Theresa Cidlevich 27:46
Richie Seale 32:25
Ann Marie McDonald 43:22 1st Div.

Get back in equipment 5K, Southern Boston, November 8
Ricky Coyne 20:31 2nd Div.
Kristen Patneaude 23:06 1st Div.
Rich Ruffing 25:02
Deb Comperchio 25:13
Maureen Fitzgerald 29:20
Caitlin Doherty 32:39
Bea D'Angelo 32:40 1st Div.
Ny Marathon, New York City, November 2
Aaron Nemzer 3:12:22
Meg Reilly 4:16:18
Alicia Golden 4:18:00
Lana Popova 4:19:33
Leo Fonseca 4:27:41
Vanessa Gormley 4:41:11
Katelyn Melia 6:37:33

Marine Corp. Marathon, Washington D.C., October 26
Bill Sinnott 3:42:33
Sinead McGlynn 3:46:24
Maura Sullivan 4:26:42
Michelle Kennis 4:28:55
Kitty Balerna 4:56:16
Mark Lydon 5:15:49
Kathleen Casey 5:23:59
Theresa Cidlevich 5:44:11
Caitlin Doherty 5:44:15
Steve Cidlevich 5:44:33
Bea D'Angelo 5:44:34
Baker 5K, South Boston, October 26
Kevin Griffin 19:13 1st In General
Kieran McAllen 19:59 3rd In General
David Higgins 21:10 third Div.
Jim Provenzano 21:37
Tom Eggers 22:36 third Div.
Andrea Leverentz 24:42 1st Div.
Liz O'Shea 25:23 first Div.
Monica Duffy 27:11
Anita Rowe 28:54
Bonnie Conrad 31:02
Maureen Griffin 31:15
Maureen Moroney 31:15
Gerty Kelly 31:54
Jessica Lynch 32:09
Carol Keane 33:56
Kathy Mulkern 33:57
Phyllis Maguire 34:14
Dan Maguire 34:14

Ashland Half Marathon, October 26
Jorge Espada 2:15:14 third Div.

Monster Dash 5K, Milton, October 26
Joe Rooney 22:13 1st Div.
Chad Triveri 26:25
Cillien Griffin (age 7/8) 30:04
Kerry Walsh 38:27
Dave Dobrindt 40:44
Emerson Dobrindt (age 7/8) 40:46

Fall Timeless 10K, Canton, October 26
Sara Lupica 45:27 1st Div.
Sarah Norcott 52:14
Vivian Guerriero 52:50
Lenny Busa 53:09
Mike MacNeil 56:43
Stephanie MacIsaac 59:07

Cape Cod Half Marathon, Falmouth, October 26
Ray Thibeault 1:53:35

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GRW Turkey Trot 2012
GRW Turkey Trot 2012
Wayzata vs. Edina Boys High School Hockey
Wayzata vs. Edina Boys High School Hockey
6th Annual MV Cares Gobblepalooza 5K Turkey Trot Advertisement
6th Annual MV Cares Gobblepalooza 5K Turkey Trot Advertisement
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