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September 27, 2022
Turkish high school students

(Turkish: Beykent Eğitim Kurumları) are several schools in Edirne and European side of Istanbul, chicken, set up by Beykent University Chairman of this Board of Trustees Adem Çelik. Private Istanbul Beykent main School and Private Istanbul Beykent Anatolian senior school had been established in 1990. Adem Çelik, architect regarding the Beykent payment Project, established a primary school and donated it to Ministry of National knowledge in 1990.

Exclusive Beykent language Intensive senior school had been established in 1994. Private Edirne Beykent twelfth grade, Professional Edirne Beykent Anatolian twelfth grade, and Personal Edirne Beykent Primary School were created in 1997. Private Edirne Beykent Science high-school was created in 2003–2004; Professional Beykent Social Sciences High School in 2005–2006; Edirne Beykent Kindergarten in 2006–2007; and Private Istanbul Beykent Science twelfth grade and Private Beykent Kindergarten had been established in 2007–2008. Beykent Educational Institutions now provides classes from preschool through college!

Beykent Educational Organizations Mission Statement[edit]

Beykent Educational organizations aims to offer all pupils with a specific core of skills, knowledge and experience that allow all of them to work successfully in a quickly switching globe. As open minded citizens associated with the twenty-first century they must be able to use their understanding, attitudes, and abilities in their own social communities and beyond their particular cultural edges to be effective and communicative residents within the international community.

Beykent Academic Institutions Aims To Apply Overseas Baccalaureate[edit]

Beykent academic Institutions located in two various cities, have done many important efforts to training and pioneered design scientific studies in the region it is located considering that the time Beykent academic organizations had been exposed. In 2006-2007 educational many years, application for candidateship to Overseas Baccalaureate IB Middle many years Programme using purpose of achieving globe requirements in knowledge and carrying out more systematic studies, has been accepted on April 15, 2011.Edirne and Istanbul Beykent academic organizations are applicant schools for IB main many years Programme and IB Diploma Programme and seeking agreement in 2013-2014 educational year.

  • To reach world standards in training solutions for pupils aged 3–19 by gathering academic understanding and viewpoint of Beykent academic organizations under one roofing.
  • Assure typical methods to develop and apply knowledge programs
  • To standardize education administration comprehension in most Beykent academic Institutions
  • To get experience and knowledge about establishing improve techniques of knowledge comprehension based on the needs of age
  • To support professional improvement education staff in a worldwide level.
  • To donate to the evaluating of school’s own development with more objectively by enabling to analyze educational tasks continually from authorities outside of college and design educational activities in that respect.
  • Make it possible for institutional development and growth by enhancing the quality of knowledge equally and balanced in most Beykent Educational Institutions.


  • Istanbul Beykent Kindergarten
  • Istanbul Beykent Primary Class
  • Istanbul Beykent Anatolian Senior High School
  • Istanbul Beykent Personal Sciences Senior School
  • Istanbul Beykent Science Studies Senior School


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