Islamic schools in Turkey

August 24, 2022
Turkey Promotes Religious

In recent years, the Islamization of Turkish politics and community life was the subject of much debate in Turkey together with western. This guide makes an essential share to those debates by centering on a group of spiritual schools, known as Imam-Hatip schools, founded per year following the Turkish Republic, in 1924. At the outset, the key intent behind Imam-Hatip schools was to train spiritual functionaries. But when you look at the ensuing years, the curriculum, function, and personal standing associated with schools have actually changed significantly. Through ethnographic and textual analysis, the book explores exactly how Imam-Hatip school education shapes the governmental socialization of schools' pupils, those pupils' attitudes and behaviors, in addition to governmental and civic activities of these students. The guide additionally examines the casual, but extremely influential, settings of education, interaction, and networking that come in and round the schools. By mapping the schools' connections to Islamist political leaders and civic leaders, the guide sheds light from the significant, however often overlooked, part the schools and their particular communities play in chicken's Islamization at the high governmental and grassroots levels. The guide in addition provides comparative views on Islamic motions by speaking about the utilization of the Imam-Hatip school model far away, such Pakistan and Afghanistan, which look for to reform their Islamic schools as a way to suppress spiritual extremism.

  • First comprehensive study of Imam-Hatip knowledge in Turkey and its impact on Islamization during the high political and grassroots degree
  • According to research and interviews, the guide illustrates just how knowledge, politics and social networks interact
  • For pupils and scholars of record, politics, anthropology and sociology

Reviews & recommendations

"Islamic Schools in Modern Turkey provides a rich ethnography on an institution that evidently plays a central part in shaping the Islamic activity in Turkey and offers an essential site for conversations within the activity’s relationship with(in)the secular condition. The author’s extremely try to realize imam hatips creates a comprehensive scholarly contribution."
Turkish Review

"… an excellent supply book, one that we shall be quoting and citing in coming years …"

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