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August 15, 2018
Lane International School

As a situation school, admissions to İstanbul Lisesi are through the Secondary knowledge organizations entry Exams (OKS), the central condition college examination. İstanbul Lisesi the most difficult schools to enter of the many 400 Anadolu Lisesis (unique condition additional schools) in the nation. Admission on İstanbul Lisesi requires a hardcore competitors, since just 180 students from 1, 400, 000 applicants causes it to be through each year, and İstanbul Lisesi is normally one of the primary alternatives of most useful ranked pupils along side Galatasaray senior school and leading Fen Lisesis (Science senior school).

The college offers a tuition-free, high-level training, offering voluntary boarding possibilities, and therefore, draws a diverse band of pupils throughout chicken, including pupils which cannot manage private training. The scholastic system makes it possible for pupils to pursue academic superiority and acquire fluency and literacy in German and Turkish.

İstanbul Lisesi could be the very first Turkish school

  • to supply exclusive high-school knowledge (~ 1886)
  • to create 1st pupil newspaper (before 1887)
  • to use the title "Lise", same in principle as 'Lyceum' (1910)
  • to present German education to pupils (1912)
  • to show a film into the college (~1913) "Les Misérables", shown as "Jean’in Hikayesi" (Jean’s Story)
  • to ascertain a student theater group (~1913) staging Abdülhak Hamid’s “Eşber” and “Pinti Hamid” (L’avare), a Molière adaptation by Teodor Kasap

The education duration is 5 years (one-year German preparatory, and four-year high-school). The German Abitur was offered by İstanbul Lisesi since 2002. The Abitur diploma allows effective pupils the entry to any German university in virtually any faculty. All research and math courses within the last two years are at Abitur amount. İstanbul Lisesi has actually a tremendously strong scholastic record, with a high percentage of the pupils proceeding to prominent universities in chicken, Germany, Austria in addition to usa.

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