International Schools in İzmir, Turkey

February 7, 2020


How would you describe this school? (in other words. United states, British, Global, Town, etc.)


What quality levels tend to be represented only at that school?

Early Years - Year 13

How can many kiddies arrive at college everyday? (bus, train, walk, etc.)

The majority just take a bus (outside company). The others tend to be fallen off/collected by moms and dads or motorists. A couple of older pupils go.

Exactly how would you explain the services as of this college? Exactly what extra-curricular tasks can be found?

The university is pleasant, rather charming. The buildings had been renovated once the college unsealed. Even though services are normally taken for sufficient to great (great gymnasium, decent share, football pitches) there is limited green space and not an effective theater. Early Years play ground is extremely nice but not large. The library wil attract and there is a conference hallway which can be good.

There are groups, tasks and after school groups. The school arranges brilliant field trips (they call them academic excursions here) but occasionally it appears there are way too many at peak times of the year (esp. May-June).

Just what has this school done to simply help your son or daughter transition from curriculum at home country to the curriculum within brand new nation? Are there programs to prepare your youngster for repatriation?

The college has got the Cambridge curriculum. We had a young child in primary and another in secondary. Our family ended up being extremely pleased utilizing the school overall and specially using the academics. The change was not hard because our youngsters was in an international school previously and so are local English speakers (the language of instruction at college is English).

Discover a counsellor for pastoral attention (ie. student transitions in to the college or whenever making). It had been not a need for our children.

How would you explain the personal tasks designed for parents through this college? Is there parent-teacher companies?

In reading other reviews about this site i do believe they've been old, perhaps from the very first couple of years of the college. As an example, the PTA is labeled but in the past it absolutely was altered to Parent Council. I remember as soon as the name ended up being changed.

The Parent Council met each month. There was in addition an executive selection of parents just who meet with school administration (I think every term). You can find social activities. Among the best had been the Spring Fling, an open household during the college with rummage sale and games and international meals. Our entire family loved that (including some loved ones have been visiting).

smp islam tugasku go international,izmir turkey 23rd April
smp islam tugasku go international,izmir turkey 23rd April ...
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