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April 6, 2017
Library of Celsus - Izmir

Just how can you describe this college? (in other words. United states, British, Overseas, Local, etc.)


Exactly what grade amounts are represented as of this college?


Just how can many kiddies arrive at college everyday? (coach, train, walk, etc.)

The college provides solution buses, however, there seem to be MANY problems with buses becoming later, drivers constantly changing & too little communication between drivers/school/parents. When parents pay 3, 000tl per son or daughter to utilize a bus service, you'd expect them to be more arranged. For this reason, people whom stay nearer to the school usually elect to drop off/pick up their own kiddies.

Just how can you explain the services at this college? What extra-curricular tasks can be found?

The school building itself is gorgeous. It really is large, colorful, has actually things such as a recording studio & interior children's pool (even though share is a bit sub-par in my experience). Extra-curricular activities can be obtained such as Destination Imagination and various sports groups.

Exactly what has this college done to simply help your child transition from curriculum in your house country into the curriculum in your brand-new country? Are there any programs to organize your youngster for repatriation?

The school doesn't do anything to help students change. Fortunately for them, the majority of the 'foreign' students at college are half-Turkish, or have been in chicken for enough time that their particular Turkish is very good. If a student does not know Turkish, but they'd have a very hard time considering you can find just 10 hours weekly of English classes, and nothing of this other instructors within the college understand English (including the key, vice principals, physician, therapist, etc.).

Exactly how would you explain the personal tasks available for parents through this college? Exist parent-teacher businesses?

Although the college truly places on a tv show of keeping meetings & playing moms and dads' concerns, every thing they do appears to be reactive versus preventive. Also, these conferences are held in Turkish. You're on your very own to understand things if you do not understand Turkish.

Exactly what guidance can you give to some one considering enrolling the youngster in this college?

Although TED Izmir might appear to possess potential to offer an excellent education to your son or daughter, cannot take action. They've been however also brand-new, & most of what they claim doing is simply concept, perhaps not reality. Once they fundamentally add a high school, they intend to implement the IGCSE program, nonetheless they don't appear to possess any forward planning going on at this time. When inquired about future programs or existing issues, the solution always seems to be, "you need to understand that we have been a new college." It's also well worth noting that the college appears to have a tremendously hard time keeping its native speaker teachers. We heard that none of the native speaker teachers returned after the first year, and a number of which were employed the 2nd 12 months left in the first couple of weeks of school beginning. The caliber of the pupils at the school in addition differs. While there are lots of very bright pupils who've transferred from other great schools, a number of the students result from wealthy families, can be spoiled, and also have bit to no control. This makes classes chaotic, and sends the message that it's ok to disrespect expert figures. Even though the school prices about 20, 000tl for tuition alone, plus another few thousand for uniforms, books, the institution service, etc., it seems becoming a typical Turkish education that may be obtained in other places for less. I might not look at this an actual selection for an "international school".

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