Istanbul University

October 7, 2022
At Istanbul University

One of the main qualities of Istanbul University is its leadership in higher education for years and years. This has played a guiding and important part when you look at the personal and cultural life of our country. We could demonstrably see this when we trace the distinct historical development of the University. Istanbul University, as one of the oldest educational establishments, not merely of chicken, but in addition around the globe, had been established whenever Mehmet the Conqueror conquered Istanbul. Knowledge begun to be around in theological schools ("medrese/madrasah" as they were then called) and, before the end for the sixteenth century, these schools had been instrumental in teaching the ruling cadres of this Ottoman culture. However, once the "madrasahs" had been no more in a position to meet the needs associated with globalization, a restructuring process started, and as a result, the organizations of higher education called "Darülfünun, " the core of Istanbul University, were set up. Through academic reforms, introduced by the president of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the " madrasahs" were abolished in 1924. As a first help modernization, the Istanbul Darülfünun ended up being founded, comprising the departments of medicine, legislation, literature, theology, and technology. The establishment had been renamed “Istanbul University” in respect...

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Istanbul University SAMBA Show with Carnaval TURCO!
Istanbul University SAMBA Show with Carnaval TURCO!
Istanbul University Language Center/ Erasmus Intensive
Istanbul University Language Center/ Erasmus Intensive ...
EO Istanbul University 2012
EO Istanbul University 2012
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