Turkey Ministry of Education

October 4, 2022
Ministry Of Education,Culture

The Office of English Language Programs produces and implements English language programs in specific areas and nations of the world. All programs are administered through regional United states Embassies or Consulates. Products are supported to some extent by Regional English Language Officers (RELOs) and System professionals. Together any office of English Language products, Embassies, RELOs and Program experts plan, conduct, help, and promote English Language programs sponsored by American Embassies or Consulates or host country organizations such as for instance Ministries of knowledge and universities. Activities are the development of English training curricula, textbooks, and instructor education workshops.

Work of English Language plan staff in

Washington, D.C. provides scholastic expertise, advisory and consultative support, and materials sources internationally. Additionally they arrange a few trade programs that deliver US academics overseas on request of American Embassies or Consulates to perform tasks related to education, methodology, curriculum development, requires analysis, textbook development, program assessment, and English for Specific needs (ESP).

In Turkey
Found in the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, the English Language workplace (ELO) of Public Affairs section works together Turkish universities and with the Turkish Ministry of knowledge to help increase the teaching of English and to disseminate informative data on United states culture and establishments. Work assists when you look at the implementation of English Language training (ELT) instructor development programs across the country, and coordinates a sales and distribution program to make high-quality English language training products and research sources more accessible. Work works closely because of the English training association INGED, with program administrators, school administrators, and instructors from the federal government and exclusive sector to make the teaching of English more efficient.

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Source: istanbul.usconsulate.gov
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