Istanbul Business schools

October 4, 2022
Rome Business School

Istanbul University, School of Business happens to be selected again, as top Business School of chicken last year

Istanbul University, Business School is the first company class created in Turkey while the Institute of company Administration that Business class contains in its kind may be the very first Institute of Europe to give graduate level company education. Additionally powerful historic back ground I. U. Business School has received once again a global prize.

According to a comprehensive research of over 4000 company Schools internationally made by EDUNIVERSAL; Istanbul University, School of company is rated among the list of top 1000 company Schools of the world. Eight Business Schools from Turkey are observed when you look at the top 1000 Business Schools list whereas I.U, class of company is placed yet again using the very first ranking in 2011 among its counterparts.
Istanbul University, School of Business has-been chosen among the list of top business schools and already been awarded with four palms inside consecutive years of 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The EDUNIVERSAL FORMAL SELECTION is the consequence of the investigation and analysis work carried out by the Overseas Scientific Committee on a wide range of criteria concerning international reputation of the schools, top-notch knowledge programs, magazines of the professors, national and intercontinental accreditations, evaluations produced by independent events and memberships to intercontinental unions. Considering these criteria our school has been put one of the top 1000 company institutes worldwide. For more information please stick to the link.

I.U Business class has-been placed whilst the second-best company class in “Eurasia & the center East” area.

Like in the last many years of 2009 and 2010, again in 2011 I.U. Company class happens to be chosen once the second-best Company class in “Eurasia & the Middle East” area. Consequently, our school is put on the list of top nineteen regional Business Schools of the World.

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Mega Business Academy İstanbul Kasım 2013
Mega Business Academy İstanbul Kasım 2013
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About Graduate School Of Business
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