Ghazi University D G Khan Jobs

September 20, 2022

Govt. Postgraduate College of Commerce (Urdu: گورنمنٹ پوسٹ گریجویٹ کالج آف کامرس ) is an university in Dera Ghazi Khan city in Punjab condition in Pakistan. It is one of many five constituent universities of Ghazi University, D.G.Khan. The school provides undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate classes in business. Its situated on Block No. 38, Dera Ghazi Khan . The school can be generally University Commerce university.


  • Accountancy/ Insurance & Salesmanship
  • Banking & Monetary Control
  • Business Management
  • Economics & Human Resource Management
  • Commerce
  • Statistics & Mathematics
  • Computer System Applications
  • English


The college imparts directions in the after classes in undergraduate level –

  • Two year Higher greater Secondary programs (HSC) of Lahore Board of Technical knowledge (LBTE) and Dera Ghazi Ghazi Khan Education Board (BISE D.G. Khan).
  • Two year Higher Higher additional program (HSC) of Dera Ghazi Ghazi Khan Education Board (BISE D.G. Khan).

The faculty has actually both Day and Evening changes. Admissions are available for both male and female students. Recently the faculty has set up computer systems inside collection. WiFi assess in library is no-cost. A new electronic class room is inaugurated and ready to be used.

Other facilities[edit]

Besides imparting regular course of Commerce Education, the school additionally offers the following facilities

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Advertising And Marketing
  • Banking and Financial Control
  • Human Resource Management

Vocational Courses[edit]

A student can take anybody regarding the following subjects in lieu of Business Economics, company Statistics & Mathematics, Economics Environment of company and Entrepreneurship. Students supplying significant training course cannot choose for Vocational topic.

Career Oriented Course[edit]

  • Accounting & Insurance & Salesmanship
  • Marketing & Sales Management


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