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May 8, 2018
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Faculty of Dentistry for the Near East University is the very first and just dental care school in Northern Cyprus. We're happy our faculty is approved because of the Joint Commission Global because of its medical excellence.

We complete a dual-dental program with Ankara University. We have been extremely excited even as we tend to be nearing to a very important milestone in our history: This current year we will have the event of graduation of your 1st students.

With the latest and a lot of advanced level services in eight departments of our faculty, you can expect best possible treatment to your clients at national and intercontinental level.

The initial 36 months are based on pre-clinical training plus in the fourth and fifth years, the students tend to be competed in clinics in which team studies are carried out.

The pre-clinical pupils tend to be been trained in simulation laboratories on robot models. The clinics are equipped with chairside computers programed with digital client record-keeping system.

Contemporary tool tray sterilization and dispensing methods offer the medical environment.

The analysis center has actually contemporary imaging tools.

We well-equipped surgery spaces and sedation devices for patients enduring complicated dental care problems and for those frightened of dental applications.

Fixed and detachable prosthesis could be generated by our professionals within the well equipped labs positioned inside the professors building.

Some type of computer aided three-dimentional modelling laboratory is a routine facility within our faculty.
Another computer system system; specifically CAD/CAM, is approximately become created in our school that may help dental care techniques.

Facilities which are done by our professors are not readily available even in many of the advanced dental care traits. They are the outcome regarding the strategic preparation of our creator Rector Dr., whoever ultimate aim should meet up with the highest criteria of knowledge and make the best possible educational facilities.

We plan to increase the standard of living for our pupils and obtain our pupils to involved in social tasks besides having an extensive training in the industry.

Our curriculum is continually updated in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System.

The major issues of your faculty are providing an up to date dental instruction and promote superiority in patient care and support the community in educational and medical requirements in dental problems.
We make an effort to develop scientifically based, self-confident, socially and ethically painful and sensitive dentists with a powerful commitment to Atatürk’s axioms.

Develop that pupils will need complete benefit of our exceptional training facilities and will always be proud of being a part of Near East University.

We congragulate and accept all students on behalf of our professors.


Prof. Dr. M. Mutahhar ULUSOY
Near East University Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry the most important areas of wellness sciences. The foundation of dentistry dates back to old many years. dentistry renews it self constantly paralel towards advancements in research and technology. Dentists handle one's teeth, jaws, perioral tissues into the mouth which is the primary entrance towards the gastrointestinal system. Therefore; dental care training is vital and the duty of training within area is markedly considerable. Near East University Faculty of Dentistry started its very first academic year on October 1/ 2007 supported by a protocol with Ankara University Faculty of dentistry. Undergraduate and postgraduate education and medical services tend to be carried out by 5 professors, 1 associate teacher, 7 associate professors, 4 specialists and 19 study assistants. By the upsurge in how many our staff each year, academical achievements and our resources required to attain our future strategic objectives enrich.

Through quality in training; our goal is teach nationwide and globally recognized future dentists and specialists which aspire management in dentistry. The Near East University Faculty of Dentistry strives to develop scientifically based, self confident, competitive, socially and ethically painful and sensitive dental professionals with a strong commitment to Atatürk’s maxims.

The Near East University Faculty of Dentistry is envisioned to-be named a Center of Excellence in Dental knowledge and in the end to-be understood within the worldwide dental care community for its world-class, globally competitive students. Thus, envisioning the professors as a location of choice for many aspiring undergraduate and graduate pupils; our goal is always to to boost technical skills into the future dentists in excellent client attention and also to instill appropriate attitudes with a solid dedication to the beliefs of this dental career.

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