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August 14, 2020


Ankara University is an organization who has identified and integrated the history and objective associated with Republic of Turkey with its people. The organization associated with the Republic of Turkey had been a whole lot more than simply a modification of government. Similarly, the establishment of Ankara University represented the substantiation of an extensive objective also it had been according to something counting on modern science, modern democratic values and establishments.

The foundation of Ankara University had been in person started by the great Atatürk to create the cornerstone of his axioms and revolutionary a few ideas; to disseminate, solidly establish and safeguard these principles and some ideas that present modernity, technology and enlightenment.

The initial achievements regarding the brand new Republic in the area of higher education were:

• to start a class of Law to educate jurists for a fresh appropriate restructuring in 1925,

• to ascertain the Higher Institute of Agriculture to offer the farmers of chicken in 1933,

• to start the professors of Humanities to gather examine on numerous Anatolian countries and their richness, and establish worldwide linguistic and social gels 1935,

• as well as in similar 12 months, to start the doors for the School of Political Sciences, which have been training high-ranking public directors in title Mekteb-i Mülkiye since 1859. The institution of Political Sciences ended up being relocated to Ankara in 1936, by Atatürk’s unique purchase utilizing the founding of the brand-new Republic with Ankara as its capital.

Into the establishments mentioned above, the characteristics of medication and Science must also be included. These traits were in addition created by Atatürk, but their orifice had been postponed on late 1940s due to the breakout associated with 2nd World War. The Faculties of Law (1925), Humanities (1935), Science (1943) and medication (1945) run individually and by themselves, but in 1946, because of the formal organization of Ankara University, these people were gathered under one roof.

In 1948, the University incorporated the Faculties of Agriculture and of Veterinary Medicine which had formerly composed the bigger Institute of Agriculture. Into the following many years, Faculty of Divinity (1949), the college of Political Sciences (established in 1935 and known the Faculty of Political Sciences in 1950), and professors of drugstore (1960) were founded. The University launched the Faculty of Dentistry very first as a vocational college in 1963, after which as a faculty in 1977. In 1965, the traits of Educational Sciences and of Communication became areas of the University; the professors of Communication had been essentially a re-structuring regarding the Vocational class of Press and Publication. In 2001 the Faculty of Engineering was launched as a different professors after a re-organizational split through the Faculty of Science. The Faculty of wellness knowledge which had started teaching in 1996 was called Faculty of Health Sciences in 2007.

Mission and Vision

Ankara University is probably the preeminent community universities of chicken also it strives to enhance the intellectual, personal, social and financial qualities of country. The university’s long-lasting commitment to the revolutionary ideas and axioms of this Great Turkish commander Atatürk reaffirms the mission and sight of Ankara University to improve culture in meaningful and sustainable methods. The institution is committed to providing good quality training for many its pupils and it is specialized in enhance the everyday lives of people in country and world through study, development and training.

Being the initial institution of this Republic of chicken, when you look at the light of Atatürk’s innovative tips and axioms, Ankara University is designed to attain the best amounts of academic requirements.

The Mission of Ankara University is

• to contribute to advancements in modern technology and technologies,

• to check out these improvements each day and to mirror them in higher education, personal life, management, development characteristics, and solution and product supply procedures of nation,

• to aid rapid and renewable development attempts associated with the nation while having complete respect for man success and delight, as well as for nature and environment,

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