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October 23, 2020
Fethullah Gulen Exposed

Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen (REUTERS/Selahattin Sevi/Zaman routine via Cihan News Agency/Handout via Reuters/Files)A Muslim cleric who lives in seclusion in Pennsylvania and contains been linked to a system in excess of 135 community charter schools in the usa is believed to-be deeply active in the governmental drama which unfolding inside the house nation of chicken.

The reclusive cleric is Fethullah Gulen, that has been connected to charter schools in some 25 states and various other schools in lots of nations across the world. Gulen, who has denounced terrorism and is thought to have confidence in a moderate form of Islam, has actually lived in Pennsylvania for years. Gulen was until recently an in depth ally of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whoever government was profoundly shaken by a corruption examination. The prime minister only changed three of his secret ministers after they were forced to resign in the scandal.

According to the Related Press:

The corruption probe is among the biggest political challenges Erdogan has faced since their Islamic-based party narrowly escaped becoming disbanded in 2008 for allegedly undermining Turkey’s secular Constitution…. Erdogan has denounced the examination as a plot by international and domestic forces to thwart his country’s success and discredit their federal government before regional elections in March. His government has won three elections since 2002 regarding the strength associated with the economy and a promise to fight corruption.

Turkish commentators believe the probe is fallout from an extremely public feud and energy fight between Erdogan’s federal government and an important U.S.-based Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen, whose followers tend to be believed to have a very good foothold within Turkey’s police and judiciary. The 2 guys, without naming one another, are engaged in a war of words since the corruption probe was released on Dec. 17.

The brand new York occasions reported inside tale your corruption and bribery probe is commonly thought to be under the control of Gulen followers, and it also described the “powerful Muslim preacher” to be in command of “a community of businessmen, media outlets and schools and officials within Turkey’s authorities and judiciary. Gulen has denied participation in the probe in Turkey, which 24 have-been formally recharged, like the sons of two ministers in Erdogan’s government as well as the manager for the state-owned Halkbank.

Gulen features lived in the usa for many years. Based on this Philadelphia Inquirer tale, Gulen submitted a lawsuit in 2007 in U.S. District Court seeking permission to call home in the united kingdom lawfully after becoming rejected a particular visa by U.S. officials. Within the suit his lawyers identified him as “head regarding the Gulen Movement” and an important knowledge frontrunner who'd “overseen” the creation of a network of schools in the us and internationally. He got an eco-friendly card in 2008 and life on a secluded chemical called the Golden Generation Worship and Retreat Center in outlying Pennsylvania.

The general public charter schools in what is unofficially referred to as Gulen community are believed to be run by men and women — typically Turks — in or from the Gulen action. The schools, most of them with strong educational records, have different names and several of them are aimed toward technology, math and technology training. In Texas, for instance, Harmony charter schools are believed to be linked to the network.

Some of the issues generally reported with Gulen-inspired schools have actually affected the Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School in Anne Arundel County, which will be features a powerful educational record but features come across difficulties mentioned just last year at the same time area superintendent Kevin Maxwell. Though Maxwell supported a continuance associated with the school’s charter, he said in Summer 2012 your school needed to hire skilled and totally qualified instructors, reform the board of administrators “to mirror the city it serves, ” use proper procurement and bidding procedures for outside contracts, take board policy the hiring of foreign nationals, and agree not to enable any one of its contractors or subcontractors to “knowingly employ” anybody that has been investigated for criminal activity.

The operators of schools considered to be within the Gulen system always deny becoming attached to the preacher’s action but condition and national officials have carried out numerous investigations over time into such backlinks.

A Harmony charter school ended up being just provided approval because of the D.C. Public Charter class Board to start in Washington D.C. Theola Labbé-DeBose, a spokeswoman when it comes to charter school board, stated in an e-mail that “there ended up being little conversation” about any possible connections to Gulen through the board conference once the school’s application was authorized.

Early this present year, the Loudoun County class Board denied a software by a small grouping of Turkish men wanting to open a charter college here considering concerns concerning curriculum also operational issues. The individuals said they certainly were using the Anne Arundel college as a model but had difficulty answering basic questions towards the board members’ pleasure. The school would have been initial charter college in Northern Virginia if it turned out approved.

Through the application process, the board held hearings from which one speaker, Mary Addi, testified that that she along with her husband, Mustafa Emanet, had worked at a Gulen charter school in Ohio, which was exposed in Dayton by using the Loudoun charter individuals, Fatih Kandil. She stated the woman husband, a Turk, was in fact been involved in the Gulen motion which Turkish educators within Ohio college needed to turn-over 40 % of their salaries to a secret fund employed by the movement. Final January, during the hearings, I asked Sinan Yildirim, detailed among the people in the recommended school’s initial regulating board, whether he and his other candidates tend to be attached to Gulen in which he replied: “We stated no. They stated yes. When they claim anything they need to prove. And additionally they can’t show it.”

The FBI additionally the Departments of Labor and knowledge have actually examined whether some employees at some of those schools tend to be “kicking right back section of their particular salaries” to your Gulen Movement, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported inside story. This new York occasions and CBS Information along with PBS have reported on Gulen charter network, mentioning problems like whether these schools give special preference to Turkish companies when handing out contracts.

Source: www.washingtonpost.com
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