Istanbul University Medical School Turkey

September 5, 2022
“7th Bilateral Cadaver


Istanbul Faculty of medication (IFM) may be the oldest and largest Medical class in Turkey. It's been started in 1827. The health knowledge in IFM has been accreditated in June 2013 by the nationwide health Education Accreditation Council. The nationwide Medical knowledge Council has been acrreditated by World Federation of Medical knowledge (WFME) extremely recently in March 2014 which provides our health class the privilege to be accreditated on a worldwide platform.

Entirely you will find 2905 pupils such as the intercontinental pupils (n=227). We've 54 student courses of numerous sizes with a complete ability of 2499. We a completely prepared library with computer and internet services.

Faculty staff is roughly 400 including teachers and associate teachers.

Aim and objectives

The aim and goals of IFM in regions of knowledge, research and client service being dependant on the share of a number of lovers in 2006 by SWOT evaluation.

The objectives of this health training in IFM being dependant on taking into account the national and international standards and mostly aiming within part and obligations of the physician locally. The pupils should learn to protect the health of the average person together with society, improve the circumstances, to get the data, skills and attitude to resolve the dilemmas, to work effectively and in conformity using the health group, to understand to communicate, lead and play a role in the health system regarding the community they are now living in.

The competencies in understanding, skills and mindset happen explained in detail and published in bye- regulations of health knowledge of IFM. Most of these competencies have-been apply the wbsite.


The health knowledge in IFM is a built-in program both vertically and horizontally, system based, enriched with electives, partly pupil centred and enriched with different education practices love problem based solving sessions, evidence based medicine applications, simulated client practices, flicks to interns an such like and community based in complinace aided by the core curriculum standards.

The initial year is caused by Introduction to Medical Sciences, the next year to Normal Structure and Function, another 12 months to Pathological construction and work, the 4th and 5th 12 months tend to be clerkship many years while the 6th 12 months may be the internship 12 months.

The very first three years are system based and composed of segments.

The initial 12 months consist of 4 segments including Thank you for visiting medication (four weeks), Introduction to healthcare Sciences (20 weeks), levels of Life from Birth to Elderhood (four weeks) and Leukomotor system (4 weeks).

The second 12 months includes Blood- Lymphoid, Circulatory, Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Nutrition, Metabolism, Endocrine, Urogenital and Nervous system segments each lasting about 2-4 months focusing mainly on normal framework and function. We have a module focused on Introduction to System Pathologies.

The 3rd 12 months consists of exactly the same methods but concentrating even more to pathological functions. We also provide a semiology component for 3 days.

We have vertical corridors dedicated to Ethics, analysis and Statistics and correspondence Skills beginning with the very first 12 months and continuing to the 3rd 12 months.

The applications and useful studies are done over summer and winter into the afternoons.

Medical structure laboratory work operates in addition over summer and winter within the afternoons.

We've 65 electives aimed at health sciences or social sciences including Humanities in medication and English Courses and personal Responsibility Courses.

The 4th and fifth 12 months of health knowledge have not been integrated yet and the training is dependent on the actions organized by Clinical Departments.

Business and Structure of health education

The recent bye- rules for medical training havebeen ready in 2012.

The General knowledge Council (GEC) comprising Vice Dean, General Education Coordinator, Coordinators for every Year of healthcare knowledge, Coordinator of Student Affairs, Coordinator of Assessment Unit, Chief of healthcare knowledge Department, Coordinator of Electives and also the ex Vice Dean could be the primary human anatomy responsible for the implementation and application and continium of medical knowledge. The decisions consumed GEC are delivered to healthcare class Council headed by the Dean and after ward provided for Istanbul University Senate for last approval.

Each component has actually 2 coordinators for education from standard sciences and clinical sciences and also 2 coordinators for evaluation.

We now have an Assesment Unit which will be accountable from most of the exams, and assessment of the students. A concern lender will be prepared. You will find visa like tests after every or after 2-3 modules and a final exam after the year. The assessment resources tend to be numerous in accordance the the data, skill or attitude being measured. With the healthcare Education division, the evaluation Unit organizes programs for skills in assesment, concern preparing etc. All exam concerns tend to be reviewed pertaining to different indices.

Other Pursuits

We incoming and outbound Erasmus students also visiting intercontinental pupils from various international aggreemennts.

We've 32 Student Clubs engaged in various tasks including recreations, music, theater, research, phylosophy etc.

The majority of the slides or lecture notes are available on the site. Additionally planning and publisihing of book series mainly centered on lecture records have begun .

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