International Schools in Ankara

April 12, 2019
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Özel Tevfik Fikret Okulları

There are many personal schools offering the international neighborhood in Ankara. They truly are separate through the Turkish national training system.

Considering the minimal quantity of areas and diplomatic traffic in Ankara, it is advisable to register your son or daughter before he or she is because of start college.

All personal schools providing expatriates teach-in foreign languages, however Turkish Grammar, Literature and Social researches classes may contained in many curriculums. These is the range of schools in alphabetical purchase.

Details come in yellow pages.

Ankara English Pre-School
Accepts kiddies involving the ages of 3 and 6. School hours are from 08:30 to 13:00. Knowledge is in English. Children of different nations are welcome and skills in English isn't needed. Additionally they accept children who aren't yet bathroom trained. Located at Gaziosmanpaşa, transportation can be acquired.

Ankara Japanese College
Curriculum is taught in Japanese. Found at Gaziosmanpaşa, the college offers just elementary and junior-high amounts.

Bilkent Laboratory & Overseas Class (BLIS)
The college was started due to the fact Bilkent University Preparatory School (BUPS) in 1993. The school serves pupils from many years 4 (preschool) - 17 (grade 12). On the East Campus of Bilkent University, the school provides a global knowledge with a focus on English language. Around 50percent for the staff are indigenous English-speaking worldwide staff and 50percent bilingual Turkish staff. Pupils tend to be accepted through a selective admissions function focusing English fluency and powerful scholastic potential. BLIS offers both Global Baccalaureate Primary Years Program and Diploma plan. The college appeals to the youngsters of prominent governmental, diplomatic and business frontrunners in the money town.

British Embassy Learn Group
Situated within the reasons regarding the British Embassy at Çankaya, young ones, involving the many years of 3 to 11 many years tend to be admitted. Because system is for Uk residents surviving in Ankara, priority is provided to the individuals. On the other hand, if you have invest the course kids from other nationalities may welcomed based on their particular English level. Class hours come from 08:40 to 15:00. Fluency in English is necessary and uniforms may compulsory. The college uses English National Curriculum.

French Class (Charles De Gaule)
Approved by French Nationwide Education Ministry. French may be the main language of training and school follows the French curriculum. The Junior class as well as the nursery tend to be located in the causes of French Embassy at Kavaklıdere, high school at Yıldız. Class hours tend to be 08:00 to 13:30. Uniforms are not needed.

Gence Pre-School
Situated at Gaziosmanpasa and extremely well-liked by its Mini Drum Core. Welcomes students from age 2 to 6. A curriculum concentrated on music, English learning and environmental awareness. Class hours 09:00 to 18:00. Half day system also avaliable. Morning, night treats and lunch.

George C. Marshall Class
The George C. Marshall class was first launched due to the fact Ankara Elementary and highschool in 1956.The college is located in the grounds of a Turkish army base at Balgat, that used to fit in with the united states Air power, and it has most of the amenities for sports activities. Embassy staff and us residents receive concern for registration. Class uses the United states educational system, with a capacity of 200 pupils. Kiddies amongst the centuries of 5 to18 many years tend to be welcomed and college hours come from 08:20 to 15:00.

German College
Classes have been in German and a German curriculum is followed. Kiddies between 3 and 15 years are accepted. Senior School knowledge can just only be provided at İstanbul Alman Lisesi. Positioned at Kavaklıdere, school hours tend to be 07:55 to 13:10. Transportation can be obtained and no uniforms required. English is taught as another language.

International Pre-School and Preschool
Found at Gaziosmanpaşa, young ones, between your centuries of 3 and 6 tend to be accepted. An English-speaking environment, in which an avowed United states teacher and a Turkish aide attend each course. 1 / 2 and complete time programs can be obtained. Transportation can be obtained.

Özel Bilkent Lisesi (Professional Bilkent High School)
Özel Bilkent Lisesi had been founded in 1993. Knowledge is actually for children between 3 and 18 years of age and also the college uses the criteria and laws for the Ministry of Education in chicken. Knowledge is within English with exception of Turkish Literature and personal Studies. You will find both Turkish and international teachers at the college

Özel Tevfik Fikret Okulları
An exclusive school established in 1964, and changed into Anatolian twelfth grade condition in 1980. Positioned at Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi. Education is in French except for Turkish Literature and Social researches. Young ones between 6 and 18 tend to be admitted upon evaluation. The institution draws the youngsters of many prominent political, diplomatic and business people of city.

Pakistan Embassy Research Group
Located at Gaziosmanpaşa. Priority is provided to Pakistani kiddies. Education is in English and course from preschool to high-school are available. Whenever space permits, students from other nationalities will also be accepted.

TED Ankara Koleji (TED Ankara University)
Created in 1928 in Kızılay, TED Ankara university is among the oldest and most prestigious schools of Turkey. Education is within English apart from Turkish Literature and personal Studies. Kiddies between 6 and 18 are accepted upon evaluation. The school attracts the children of several prominent political, diplomatic and entrepreneurs regarding the town.

Yasemin Pre-School
Situated at Birlik Mahallesi, Çankaya, this might be a professional pre-school for 3- 6 many years olds of all nationalities. The college curriculum is completed by qualified pre-school educators. The institution building is perfect for group and individual education. The institution has several options 08:30 to 13:00, to 15:00 or 17:00.

Aykan at Çankaya, Bambi, Erken Başarı, Yeşil Çizgi at Gaziosmanpaşa, Yeni Ufuklar at Oran and Ümitköy will also be advised Turkish language preschools.

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