University of Jan Kochanowski

May 23, 2019
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The Jan Kochanowski University (JKU) in Kielce could be the only institution of Świętokrzyskie area, and another of Poland’s twenty universities. It provides workplaces for 1, 637 employees, including 909 institution educators, out-of whom 243 hold scholastic games of teachers or levels of doctors habilitated, and 442 hold doctoral degrees. The University has the legal rights to confer doctoral levels in eleven procedures, and levels of medical practitioner habilitated in 2 procedures. It offers 16, 310 undergraduates, 155 doctoral pupils, and 666 postgraduates. The JKU offers 9 doctoral programmes plus education in 34 fields of study in the beginning- and second-cycle level, with almost as much as 150 areas in a variety of disciplines in humanities, social science, arts, health science, normal sciences and specific sciences. The University includes 7 Faculties: Humanities, Mathematics and All-natural Sciences, wellness Sciences, Education and Arts, Management and Administration, plus Faculties of Language researches and History, and Social Science during the University’s Branch in Piotrków Trybunalski.

The University is systematically growing and updating its analysis and training facilities by making efficient usage of European Union’s structural resources. For instance, over PLN 300 million has been utilized to enhance the professors of Mathematics and All-natural Sciences, the Centre for Arts Education in the structures associated with Faculty of knowledge and Arts, the foreign-language Centre during the Faculty of Humanities, the Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship regarding the Faculty of Management and Administration, together with Main Library. Projects well worth practically PLN 40 million, regarding comprehensive growth of University’s ICT infrastructure and utilization of the incorporated IT institution administration system being completed. Special stress has been set on providing advanced gear for analysis and training professors laboratories.

Juwenalia 2013 Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach
Juwenalia 2013 Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach ...
Erasmus Day in Poland - Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego 2015
Erasmus Day in Poland - Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego 2015
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