University of St. Thomas Koch Commons

April 1, 2024
Chapel of St. Thomas More

On-campus housing can be acquired for pupils who perform a housing demand type ahead of time. All housing prices are according to one per person/per night cost. Housing depends on accessibility regarding the day your request is received. .

Check Always In/Check Out

When you're departing through the UST university, you must drop your secrets down at the Koch Commons table. You should do this by 10 p.m. on the nights your consider or perhaps you will be recharged for every additional night you have the tips within ownership.

Here is the url to a campus chart:


The 2015 Graduate Programs in musical Education summertime student rate for a provided apartment is $54 per individual per evening. This rate includes linens.

Maintenance Issues

For almost any maintenance or custodial difficulties with the room or building where you tend to be remaining, please added an obtain service by calling any office of Residence Life at expansion (651) 962-6475 from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. If there is an urgent situation calling for instant support, e.g. flooding, loss in electrical power, fire, theft, attack or attempted assault, personal crisis or damage, contact the Public security Office at (651) 962-5100.

Cleansing and Housekeeping

Each resident is expected to fit the attempts of college personnel by keeping hygiene in both general public and exclusive regions of the residence halls and throughout university. Lounges, common restrooms, and washing spaces tend to be washed because of the housekeeping staff. Resident cooperation keeping in mind these places as nice as you can is anticipated and appreciated. Vacuums can be obtained to see at the front desks regarding the residence halls. Linen is offered each week for many visitors which remain five nights or longer.


Each room into the residence halls comes with a touchtone phone. Events can reach you by dialing (651) 96x-xxxx (the quantity printed on your own phone). To phone various other residence halls, merely dial simply the extension quantity for that room.

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