December 31, 2021
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Plats, Plats, Plats Ooohhhh, Plats!!

Gigantiplats and Overplats - molding soon becoming finished and prepared for you personally hands to grab upon

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Once we saw this pic, we very nearly barfed..

Zach Olschwanger through the Austin Bouldering Project (austinboulderingproject.com) took this pic of two child chicks perched upon a Blade Runner. We showed the picture to the kids therefore we all just stared at it for about ten full minutes, saying "aawwwwwwww" again and again.

Chris Danielson took this picture of Garrett Gregor's incredible conglomeration composed of two overlapping Problematics and a stacked Formula ahead. When we are carving our holds, we desire individuals finding combination similar to this - but this one simply totally blew us away! We have this photo as my desktop image - significant want!

Garrett is a mentor and routesetter at Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou and Didier Raboutou's (legends towards absolute max) child's climbing gymnasium and education facility:

Garrett had this to say:

Ryan and I also began this benefit of a-year and a half ago where we put a comp wall surface for the kiddos generally there's just a small amount of climbs in certain industry. It gets all of them awesome psyched to try the climbs and permits us to do a little special things - this becoming one of these. We had played around with looking to get a bunch of these geometric shapes together back when we did our amount wall space:

Then we were establishing this comp wall surface, began experimenting again, and discovered this setup. Initially, we didn't even understand that which we were likely to do along with it inside the rise but we knew it needed to be used. This climb you jumped out left on a slab to this conglomeration, and then mantled to gain a few more equations to attain the top. Want I experienced your whole rise on movie for you yourself to see!

Many due to the staff at ABC Boulder for revealing these amazing projects around!!

So, Teknik switched 16 yrs old in August... and this occurred... Cobra Commander partay!!!

Hello, and thank you for visiting another iteration of the Teknik blog site!

We started with a weblog of sorts a long time ago, called the Teknik Werd, before blogs had been even something. It had been fun; we published photographs of our moves to competitions, our Teklander style propels, our professional tour to Japan, alongside activities and awesomeness.

After that as technology evolved, we moved to a genuine wordpress based weblog, which we named Tekkies. This hosted a lot of huge routesetting and vacation articles by Chris Danielson and Tonde Katiyo, in addition to hold shaping tales from united states. But, our Tekkies web log got hacked and spammed ultimately it vaporised into 1's and 0's which floated off into webspace.

Here we have been once more, on a platform, willing to talk holds and all sorts of the random coolness surrounding them!

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teknik 29
Teknik Bermain Handle Pada Gitar
Teknik Bermain Handle Pada Gitar
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