Istanbul Technical University Faculty

October 27, 2022
Introduction to Procedures Any

Thank you for visiting the Istanbul Technical University - Maritime Faculty.

Our faculty is composed of an English preparatory college and an undergraduate college (BSc-4 Years). Inside our undergraduate school we now have four scholastic departments. Currently, the two of the departments are just offering solution programs to your two other energetic divisions. The departments within professors tend to be namely; Sea Transportation and control Engineering division, Marine Engineering Department, fundamental Sciences Department (providing solution programs).
Within ITU-Institute of Science and Technology our company is offering taught MSc Programmes (started in 1992) and study oriented PhD Programmes (were only available in 2003). By way of these post-graduate programs, we supervised several MSc theses and PhD dissertations, and began the education of maritime academicians in the country. Within ITU’s worldwide combined scholastic level programmes framework, our professors also offers a joint undergraduate level programme because of the State University of the latest York’s (SUNY) Maritime Faculty. In this particular programme the pupils follow classes in New York for starters and a half years and the continuing to be training is concluded in Istanbul.

Moreover, our professors comes with international academic collaborations with its teaching and analysis activities. First and foremost, our Faculty is just one of the founding universities of Overseas Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) therefore it's outstanding intercontinental reputation. Our Simulator Laboratory/Centre provides artistic knowledge to the pupils also to the maritime sector in general through a number of simulation models.

If only you will desire to find out more about our Faculty and browse our WebPages for further information.

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Electrical Engineering Technology
Electrical Engineering Technology
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What can I do with a degree in Electrical Engineering?
Middle East Technical University - Electrical
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