Istanbul Technical University language of instruction

August 7, 2020
The language of instruction


Yıldız Technical University (YTU) whose vision is to be a leading establishment of intercontinental standing represents a unique milieu of education, analysis and tradition in chicken.

YTU inherits our outstanding technology, technology, culture and pioneers available usage of educational study, technology and arts. Being very well-known universities of Turkey, its conductive to the achievement of this aim of the development and benefit of the culture.

YTU provides a range of programmes within undergraduate and graduate level, which range from manufacturing procedures to humanities and social sciences. Moreover it provides opportunities for qualified students and academicians to take part in exchange programs.

YTU is amongst the leading government organization operating out of three campuses in İstanbul in addition to being another oldest college of Turkey with its history dating back to to 1911. It really is regarded as one of the better universities in the country besides. The university’s goal is always to promote development and collaboration in the nationwide and intercontinental level by giving outstanding expert understanding and skills when you look at the educational industries.

These days YTU has 10 characteristics the majority of that are related to manufacturing, 2 Graduate institutes, 2 Vocational institutes and a School of international Languages with over 25, 000 pupils.


The internalization of YTU was placed on centre of strategy and everyday performance of YTU at pupils and professors amount. YTU gives you the very best knowledge during your study at YTU and your remain in Istanbul.

Global pupils of YTU in most programs take advantage of a global experience, either by doing a semester trade or a double level in any of your lover schools overseas, or by-doing an international work placement. With increasing few international pupils coming to YTU to study from abroad, it is our enjoyment to welcome you and absolutely help integrate into life at YTU and in İstanbul.

YTU appears toward inviting you.


YTU aims to build relationships projects that stand for additional advantage in a calm atmosphere lead by a medical strategy aided by the company of all of the our internal and external stakeholders; also to set up today's institution that may challenge to and get into rivalry with international universities in medical, social and cultural aspects through awareness your service to institution is the service towards world.

Through this real process, YTU which is designed to meet up with the universal standards in quality of study, has-been learning through getting a contemporary college having its laboratories, research centers and Technopark. In this context, we highly think that it could doubtlessly play a role in the development of the united states to approach to the personal problems and also to look for answers to them.

Research and Application Centres

  • Management of Tourism Areas Application and Analysis Centre
  • Centre when it comes to coverage of Historical Heritage
  • Vedat Kosal Musical Application and Research Centre
  • Natural Sciences Research Centre
  • Turkey Personal and Economic Background Research Centre
  • Global Centre for Urban Studies- ICUS
  • Transport Application and Analysis Centre
  • Balkan Centre for Advanced Casting Technologies
  • Strategic Research Centre
  • Yıldız Technical University Continuing Knowledge Centre
  • Research and Application Centre for payment and Architectural Sciences
  • Atatürk Principles while the reputation for Revolution Application and analysis Centre
  • Application and Analysis Centre for Industrial Relations
  • Centre for International Analysis
  • Application and Research Centre for Balkan and Ebony water Studies
  • Istanbul Historical Peninsula Application and Research Centre
  • Energy Application and Analysis Centre
  • Scientific and Technical Application and Research Centre
  • Distance Knowledge Application and Research Centre


Yıldız tech developing Zone-Techno Park (Science and tech Park) established its operations in January 2010. Certified because of the Ministry of Industry, Yıldız Techno Park Project is made on an area of 103.000 m2 inside the Davutpaşa Campus of Yıldız Technical University with a complete area of 1.300.000 m2.

The YTU technical Development Zone aims to contribute to the rise associated with the standard of industry, science and technology in our country by giving technology transfer to companies and participation in research projects.

Yıldız Techno park is hosting 2000 competent analysis and development (R&D) engineers with more than 100 R&D corporations operating at different fields particularly computer software development, it R&D, telecommunication solutions, commercial items, molecular technology, health sector R&D, professional services and products R&D, etc.

Medium of Instruction

Though method of instruction at Yıldız Technical University is Turkish, 30per cent of the programs tend to be carried out in English. Additionally some programs which can be carried out in English.

Educational 12 Months

a scholastic year comprises of the springtime and Fall Semesters, all of which are a minimum of fourteen days. The University Senate gets the straight to replace the semester duration if required.

Kind of Education

The sort of training may be either “daytime” or “evening” knowledge. The education is between 8:00 and 22:00 six days per week from Monday to Saturday.

Amount of the Study

The period associated with research is 4 many years (8 semesters) for undergraduate level programs. However, an undergraduate pupil must complete his or her researches in a time period of optimum 7 years (14 semesters). The amount of time needed for spanish preparation training course is not within the above-mentioned times.


At the least 70per cent attendance is necessary for theoretical topics, perhaps the student is enrolled the very first time or perhaps is repeating because of insufficient attendance or a failing grade; at least 80percent attendance is necessary regarding other applied topic.

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