Higher education system in Turkey

October 30, 2020
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The bigger training system in chicken is supervised because of the Council of Higher Education (CoHE). The CoHE is an autonomous institution which will be responsible for the look, coordination and governance of higher education system in Turkey prior to the Turkish Constitution in addition to advanced schooling rules. Universities make a firm decision unique academic calendars; however, scholastic year typically begins in September and leads to June. There are cold weather and summer pauses. Summer time school can be available at some universities.

Turkish universities offer:

* Associate's degree programs
* Bachelor's level programs
* Graduate programs
* Post-graduate programs.

Connect's Degree Products:

Associate's level programs simply take a couple of years. Vocational high school students can qualify for connect's degree programs without taking any central examinations.

Bachelor's Degree Programs:

Bachelor's degree programs typically simply take 4 many years. Specialized bachelor's level programs, including medication (6 years), might longer.

Scholar Programs:

Universities in chicken provide a wide range of graduate programs. While master's programs just take about 2 years (non-thesis master's programs typically simply take 1½ many years), doctoral programs take about 4 years.

Post-graduate products:

Post-graduate possibilities are also available in universities in chicken. Duration depends on the program and college.

The Turkish Nationwide Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (TYYÇ):

The National Qualifications Framework for degree in Turkey (TYYÇ) created with regards to the skills Framework for the European advanced schooling region therefore the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong understanding had been used by the CoHE in 2010. The levels of this TYYÇ with reference to the European overarching skills frameworks in adition to that to ECTS credits and pupil workload are shown below.

Source: www.yok.gov.tr
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