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September 5, 2018
Tertiary Education - 2012

"The new training system in chicken –making pilots away from spiritual college graduates?" It was a remark that a blogger apply his web page, following the brand-new education system (4+4+4) entered into power following decision created by the presently governing celebration in Turkey, the AKP (Justice and Development celebration). He had been expressing their issue on the traditional AKP, notably the reality that they favour the students just who study in religious schools. Plus the brand-new system is only going to assist them to, but no one else.

The old system versus the brand new system

To begin with; the universities in chicken are usually contained two sorts: the vocational two-year universities, that are barely accepted as universities by many (by graduating from those, you continue to are thought as increased school graduate within the eyes associated with armed forces, therefore the full 15 months of conscription, maybe not the 5 months which can be designed for the institution pupils) and also the complete four-year people (apart from scientific studies such as for instance medicine, law etc...). Chicken has not yet implemented yet the Bologna procedure, even though it has begun working upon its execution and integration (a couple of universities in Turkey have previously started to have the 3+2 Bologna system)

This new training system, that is also known as the 4+4+4, contains 12 several years of mandatory training system, in which the students will be provided more chances/opportunities to pick their particular industries of expertise early in the day - this industry determining whatever they will learn in the university. The difference between the old system therefore the brand new one is the fact that former contains the 5+3+4 system, where the students could pick their fields later compared to new one. The twelfth grade is of good importance insofar whilst assists determine the future selection of researches on institution. Pupils curently have to select between different domain names in high-school (sciences, literature, languages etc...) for example, if you major in sciences in twelfth grade and apply the ‘English Language and Literature’ division on college, your chances are a lot thinner than if you had requested ‘Maths’.

This will be significant for students, since there is countless demand and just few places to get into a good institution, and each point that you will get through the institution exam matters. The central exam when it comes to university admissions happens once each year. So being sick on the test day postpones for one year the taking of the examination.

The good qualities and disadvantages of this brand-new system

Now that the brand new system of 4+4+4 has been implemented on 12 April 2012, you don't have to discuss the old system anymore. Instead, we are able to check out the concerns that the brand-new system brings.

To begin with lots of people are involved that the pupils will choose their particular areas too young, at an age where they can not make well-thought-out decisions with regards to their future. The machine is also criticized insofar because pushes students to attend vocational schools, becoming consequently less ‘educated’. Another criticism is this method will favour spiritual kids, who will be absolve to apply for any division at universities, whereas this was not possible before. It is a large issue for many people, because so many of them accuse the AKP federal government of trying to create ‘Islamism’ towards secular chicken. One of several interesting criticitisms relates to the EU while the United States Of America: individuals accuse the government of implementing this plan exclusively because of the ‘funds’ which come from EU in addition to 'pressure' made by america. This means that some people blame the EU and USA for using their monetary abilities on Turkey, by telling all of them how to proceed inside their education system, because of the risk of pulling-out their capital in the event Turkey cannot do what it's told.

Even though this really is a one-party government, there are three various other parties having chairs in Parliament in Turkey. Let’s have a look at what they look at the new system.

Another two big parties CHP (Republican People's Party) and MHP (Nationalist individuals Party) that have seating in Parliament cannot publicly reject this proposition, but they unofficially do so. They argued a lot to ‘put it on hold’, so that it could possibly be ‘thoroughly talked about and evaluated’. One MP from MHP (Nationalistic Movement celebration) stated ‘If we politicize this subject, we're going to put a bullet on our foot’, and thus the main topics training should not be politicized. However, an MP through the BDP (Peace and Democracy celebration), which will be a celebration that ‘represents’ the Kurdish minority in chicken, said ‘If you reject one of the main languages (Kurdish), one-day you will not manage to discover an MP like Kaplan (his title)’

People which can be pro this new education system blame the others to be antagonistic as well as for wanting to keep carefully the ’28 February Coup’ guidelines: after the spiritual Prosperity celebration (Refah Partisi) won the elections in 1997, the national safety council had a meeting on 28 February, and were left with the decision to over toss the success Party. This choice taken during this meeting has also been known the ’post-modern coup’. The prior knowledge system had been adopted after the meeting on 28 February 1997 and had been very against any Islamist action or any system that could foster it.

Great or not, there are some substantive modifications that the new system brings. The absolute most remarkable you're your period of compulsory education are going to be increased from 8 to 12 years. Another modification fears the starting age for kids. Using new system, young ones may start main college at the age of five. Even though this method is accused to be sexist (because of the boost of students in vocational schools, that usually male pupils favor), by stopping feminine population from working, other people say that system helps the girls with ‘headscarfs’ is even more integrated in school plus in the working life.

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