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March 20, 2020
Mehmet DURNALI -developing

The Justice and Development celebration's (AK Party) training policies tend to be attracting significant amounts of critique considering that the government was not able to preserve stability into the knowledge system, that will be altered dramatically every year. However the scandal inside placement exam in 2010 is a proper nightmare.

Despite the amount of spending plan allotted to the education system, students and parents are facing increasing issues. There isn't any stability or standard practice in system considering frequent and untimely modifications. Seven different education ministers served into the Cabinet in the last fifteen years, and almost 20 exam and positioning examinations were tried for a fairer practice, but not one has actually generated a functional system.

Erdkan Mumcu, the AK celebration's very first education minister, stayed in the post just four months. Their successor, Hüseyin Çelik, pledged to present reforms in the system: The previously practiced exam methods were eliminated and changed by others he stated could be revolutionary. After that Ömer Dinçer launched a radical modification: The period of secondary education had been risen to 12 many years (four for primary, four for elementary and four for twelfth grade). This lifted severe talks. Nabi Avcı had been more ambitious: Regular high schools were changed into Anatolian large schools during his solution as education minister. Only the names were changed, whilst the content and curricula remained similar. In addition, he introduced the change from main knowledge to Secondary Education (TEOG) system. But the device failed as main positioning turned out to be a massive dissatisfaction.

Eventually, the provincial commissions were authorized for enrolment of students in senior school. However, the machine created many sufferers as some were put in relatively remote large schools. Avcı can also be known for his efforts to power down preparatory programs. Initially the task was exactly about change, but most of this schools are not ready for that. Furthermore, the ministry declared so it would offer additional courses 100% free. This raised several questions.

Every minister who changed the other experimented with present “reforms.” Launching radical reforms and modifications in a single day happens to be routine when it comes to AK Party. The 4+4+4 system ended up being introduced without the consultations. In the 1st 12 months, 5-and-a-half year-old girls and boys had been accepted in schools, which turned out to be a tragedy.

The goal in TEOG would be to save the pupils from examination tension and make sure that they'd have significantly more time for extracurricular tasks; but 8th graders must simply take 12 different examinations throughout the year. Mistakes into the exams lifted serious concerns of objectivity many major persistent issues moved unnoticed. Inspite of the dire importance of brand new educators, the government appointed only only a few all of them. The ministry acknowledges that the training system requires 126, 000 more teachers, while 350, 000 instructor applicants await appointment and work.

Knowledge experts within the field agree that 4+4+4 system generates most dilemmas. The ministry failed to pay any attention to the objections and criticisms by the stakeholders, and the government hurried to present strong reforms that could ordinarily require lots of time for execution. All the students could actually complete their primary training in eight many years and in the same school. But underneath the brand new system, students needs to go another college following the initial four-year period. The project had been introduced without the deliberation or assessment. Young ones more than 60 months are automatically put into the e-registration system and moms and dads who would like to register their particular children later on need to prove with a medical report that their child just isn't suited to education young.

The practice raised alarms in its preliminary many years as overall performance of the students was somewhat impacted plus the few classrooms had been insufficient for brand new system. The dire scenario ended up being confirmed by reports that provided tangible proof that things were not going well plus the procedure ended up being defectively administered.

A study by Alper Dinçer, Gülşah Gürkan, Fulya Koyuncu, Aytuğ Şaşmaz and Deniz Akay is specially crucial, since it features described the defects regarding the system. The report is founded on interviews with 2, 000 participants in 33 urban centers as well as on evaluations associated with the school performance and private overall performance of these pupils. The report concludes your students carried out poorly over transformation. The educational achievements and performance of students had been notably and significantly reduced by the defects associated with brand new system. The report further concludes the bad overall performance must certanly be attributed to the difficulties the students tend to be experiencing in adapting to the environment because of the changing schools. Nevertheless the dilemmas are not limited by bad academic overall performance; the students additionally experience nutritional dilemmas, as students have had to alter their particular diet habits because classes start too soon and end very late.

Dilemmas when you look at the implementation of TEOG feature mistakes in calculating the results from placement and exam questions. On initial phase, the device completely were unsuccessful. Tens of thousands of students had been put in schools they had never selected; some of them were instantly signed up for remote schools. But the ministry had assured that students would be put into the closest college. Those pupils which would not make a decision within the exam had been arbitrarily put; several of those pupils were assigned to religious schools, additionally the grandson of Chief Rabbi İshak Haleva had been assigned to Şile Clerical School, that provides knowledge in Islamic studies. As a result of the automated positioning method, some schools today undergo overcrowded classrooms. School principals have to discover a solution for this problem, because ministry features failed to offer an extensive option. Moms and dads tend to be fed up with the issues inside placement procedure; numerous parents who are not optimistic about the likelihood of a transfer have had to select on line education or private schools. Ultimately, the ministry lifted the practice of central placement altogether and authorized neighborhood commissions to handle the enrolment process. The parents currently have to speak with provincial commissions about enrolment, and there the TEOG scores are considered. Students who have not signed up for this method have missed plenty of classes; the way they will recover continues to be a mystery, while the just treatment the ministry offers is that they won't be considered missing when you look at the courses since the start of semester.

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