Pre-university education system

January 24, 2020
Pre-university education

Cuban_FlagU.S. President Barack Obama launched plans to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba and alleviate financial restrictions on the nation. The President also stated the U.S. will move towards re-opening its embassy when you look at the communist nation and permit some travel, knowledge and social trade and trade that were banned under a decades-long embargo instated through the Kennedy administration.

With current improvements in renewal of diplomatic relations amongst the US and Cuba, we believed it will be good to begin the latest year by sharing a few realities on Cuba and its own training system.

Nation Realities

Listed below are 15 realities on Cuba:

1. The state name of Cuba could be the Republic of Cuba.

2. Cuba could be the largest of all of the islands when you look at the Caribbean. The united states also contains more than 4000 various other much compact islands and cays.

3. The capital and largest town of Cuba is Havana or “La Habana” in Spanish.

cuba4. Cuba features a population of 11, 047, 251 (July 2014 est.)

5. First native inhabitants of Cuba had been the Guanajatabey people followed by the Ciboney and Taíno tribes. In 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived on island and claimed it as a Spanish area.

6. Cuba stayed a Spanish colony before Spanish-American War of 1898 when the nation became an element of the united states of america. The nation was handed freedom in 1902.

7. America had a strong influence within the area until 1959, when communist revolutionaries, led by Fidel Castro, overthrew the Government of Batista. Castro himself stepped apart in 2008 considering wellness problems succeeded by their sibling Raul Castro as President.

8. The United States will pay Cuba around $4, 085 a-year to lease the 45 square kilometers that the Guantánamo Bay Naval Station consumes. Cuba hasn't acknowledged the repayment since 1959.

9. Cuba is renown for its songs, bands play all around the money Havana. The key musical type is known as son, which will be a mix of positive rhythms with classical guitar.

10. Glucose from sugar-cane may be the main crop cultivated in Cuba, followed by tobacco which is used within the generating of hand-crafted cigars which are famous for being the best cigars worldwide.

11. Nickel is Cuba’s main mineral resource at 21per cent of complete exports in 2011 nearly 4percent associated with the world’s production.

12. In a normal Cuban meal the meals just isn't offered in programs, as an alternative all of the food is offered at precisely the same time.

13. Baseball is the most preferred recreation in Cuba undoubtedly. The united states normally principal in boxing and has produced a number of Olympic boxing champions. Other recreations of interest include baseball, volleyball, cricket, soccer (football) and athletics.

14. The overall game of dominoes is incredibly preferred in Cuba.

15. At the time of 2013 Cuba features 9 websites regarding the UNESCO World history listing, 7 of those cultural internet sites and 2 of these natural.

Education Details

University of Havana

Listed here are 15 details on Cuba’s knowledge system:

1. Since 1961, the educational system in Cuba is operate by the state nationalizing personal establishments at all amounts of training

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