Ministry of National Education Turkey

September 19, 2022
Ministry of National Education

Education collaboration between Turkey and Bosnia HerzegovinaThe protocol concerning training cooperation between chicken and Bosnia Herzegovina had been signed by Minister of National knowledge Nabi Avcı and Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina’s Minister of National Education Elvira Dilberovic.

Turkish will likely to be second language in schools in Bosnia

Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı claimed that cooperation protocol finalized between chicken and Bosnia Herzegovina paved how when it comes to variety of Turkish language that will be second foreign language course in six cantons of country, whilst the 2nd international course in every cantons in many schools.

Minister Avcı met with Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina’s Minister of nationwide knowledge Elvira Dilberovic, canton ministers and school principals who've been seeing İstanbul inside the framework of “My possibility is Turkish” project carried out by the Yunus Emre Institute.

Signing a cooperation protocol concerning the improvement knowledge tasks between chicken and Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina, Minister Avcı stated that check out of ministers could be a true blessing both for countries.

Noting that recently finalized protocol between chicken and Bosnia Herzegovina has taken the prevailing training cooperation between two countries one step more, Minister Avcı claimed that the protocol has actually underlined the actions in the offing to-be carried out by nationwide knowledge Ministries of both nations and the Yunus Emre Institute. He proceeded to express, “First of those tasks is increasing efforts to enabling Turkish to be taught as second foreign language in Bosnia Herzegovina. Presently, Turkish is an additional spanish in six cantons but this protocol has paved the way in which when it comes to selection of Turkish language which can be second since the second foreign program in all cantons in many schools. Our fellows inside nation will have various other options when they need find out Turkish. The Yunus Emre Institute features carried out very productive researches particularly in Bosnia Herzegovina like it performed in many nations worldwide.”

Education cooperation between Turkey and Bosnia Herzegovina Başlıklı Haberin GörseliMinister Avcı noted that protocol is very important because enables pupils of both countries to master each other’s tradition and common cultural elements because foresees pupil exchange between two nations as a part of the “Sister class Project”.

Minister Avcı thanked his Bosnian equivalent while the delegation of Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina for his or her check out and added, “Our collaboration will continue if Allah allows. Today, we've taken a very important step in this particular framework.”

"A Fresh action to the satisfaction of collaboration objective”

Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina’s Minister of National Education Elvira Dilberovic, thanked the Turkish men and women for the hospitality that is presented during their check out.

Noting that newly signed protocol could be the continuation of existing collaboration between two fellow countries, Dilberovic included so it also shows the collaborative work between two countries and becoming the proof of their particular unity.

“This contract really brings brand-new responsibilities particularly in terms of training and tradition cooperation as a part of present commitment between two nations. Our typical goal is always to just take a fresh step to the fulfillment of cooperation objective which was started by the Yunus Emre Institute.

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