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August 24, 2022
Turkish university graduates


This informative article addresses the skills alongside needs for different types of jobs in the field of training English in Turkey.

Though it is regarded as is easier than you think to have employment in Turkey, the ESL job market isn't as open as places like Thailand possibly in which just becoming a native speaker is sufficient to get you employed. It is vital having a decent training certification and some knowledge if you want to act as an English instructor in Turkey.

This becoming Turkey often there is a means around things! If the school likes both you and wishes you for reasons uknown (desperation, looks, other abilities), they will find a way to take you on. But you are unlikely to obtain great pay and conditions as well as less inclined to get the best work license.

Basically, to obtain a work license you want an university degree and a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate.

Wef you really want to get a job teaching English in Turkey, these are the minimum requirements:

  1. a well designed and well crafted CV
  2. A TEFL teaching certification, essentially a CELTA but minimum 120 time online course
  3. an university level
  4. Outstanding interview skills
  5. Great contacts and networking abilities (which you yourself can get via this website!)

*NB* i possibly couldn't justify putting this when you look at the minimum requirements listing however it is worth noting that having a residence license is an enormous advantage. See below for more information about this.

Native Speakers

A training jobs in Turkey tend to be set aside for local speakers through the United States, UK, Canada, Australian Continent and New Zealand with a 3 or 4 12 months college level in English, knowledge or a relevant industry plus a CELTA, DELTA or Masters.

If you should be just seeking to invest a year approximately teaching English overseas and you are perhaps not considering a longer term profession here you will end up fine with any level, any good and if at all possible some knowledge.

Non-Native Speakers

If you are a non-native speaker of English looking to show the language, then it is going to be harder to find work. There was a strong choice towards ‘native English speakers’ and if you aren't one it will mean you have to do a couple of things in a different way to be able to become successful. See my post for non-native speakers here.

Non-native speakers have to do some extra work to make their CV be noticeable.

Companies must be offered extra factors, additional inspiration, to simply take (exactly what some might consider) a gamble for you.

In the event your CV, resume cover letter and accompanying emails are not printed in grammatically perfect, advanced formal English and completely error no-cost, you've gotten close to no opportunity.

learning to flyDon’t forget, you're applying for a job as an English teacher. The most important skill needed for that task may be the capability to talk English extremely well!


If you should be a native presenter and possess a CELTA certification, you are at a significant advantage. The Turkish authorities know the CELTA as sufficient grounds for a work license, (supplied you have got a University amount of any kind) while the better schools will expect this as at least requirement.

Even though the CELTA is preferred by companies, you can easily nevertheless get a work license with a quick on the web TEFL like

We encourage everyone else to obtain in contact and let us guide you towards the most appropriate tasks for the skills, personality, targets and timescales. We shall review your CV for free here.

For advanced schooling institutes you'll need an MA or DELTA.

Language Schools

You can find virtually countless language schools all-around Turkey, and they've got the best standard of interest in instructors. For this reason, language schools will be the easiest places to get work. However, there are a number of unscrupulous employers and a multitude of pay and conditions.

Do not waste some time and money discovering the difficult means, speak to united states now.

Exclusive Middle/High Schools

If you have some experience and are also pleased to show children, you will discover much better pay and longer vacations right here! We could offer indispensable first-hand guidance about what to anticipate and just how to handle the challenges in order to make yourself easier. We use the best of the very best within category and we can quickly keep track of your application with this unique connections. You will require at the least a CELTA and a couple of years encounter training English to young ones.


Universities need greater quantities of qualifications and essentially some expertise in teaching at institution degree.

If you don't have a PHD or Masters level in the specific subject you wish to instruct then most ESL training work should be by means of preparation courses. This is certainly a one 12 months intensive program taken by pupils desperate to study a program which is delivered into the English language, and although their particular other academic needs have been in order they must deliver their English up to date.

A DELTA or Masters Degree provides you with a distinct benefit because most educators do not go beyond the CELTA.

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