Higher education strategy for Turkey

August 22, 2022
Turkey to Be Recalled ASAP

ANKARA — Turkish higher education has attained remarkable worldwide recognition over the last decade by participating in numerous international projects.

The increasing wide range of worldwide pupils learning in Turkey is an indication of how well the internationalization of higher education techniques has-been used so far. Frequent Sabah interviewed the president associated with Council of advanced schooling, Professor Gökhan Çetinsaya, in regards to the internationalization of Turkish advanced schooling, one of several three main strategies discussed in a written report titled "Growth, high quality and Internationalization: A Roadmap for Turkish Higher Education."

The report centers around the last three years of degree, its present state and numerous tips about the cornerstone of analytical information for the next decade. In the meeting, the larger knowledge main shortly claimed the present problems dealing with Turkish advanced schooling in addition to place of Turkey into the worldwide training system.

The thing that was the root element behind your motivation to get ready the "Roadmap" report? Restructuring the Turkish higher education system is of critical relevance. All segments of community reach a mutual agreement relating to this need.

It is a system of 30 years, so when it absolutely was set up there is a cool War all over the globe, a military regime in Turkey and just 27 universities started. For that reason, today's modern world and after this's Turkey is totally various compared to the previous three decades. From my standpoint, our plan for restructuring the system wouldn't normally only be to adjust a method that was established in the 1980s to the current state, nonetheless it is a restructuring which in agreement with twenty-first century realities and dynamics with regard to both chicken's expectations and global dynamics. Into the section on restructuring the larger education system, there are many considerable missions becoming carried out.

But we must make a real analysis to be able to manifest this restructuring that is to start treatment. It is crucial that a situational analysis of where we are and what direction to go should-be carried out. And, which was the motivation I have had from beginning. I needed to analyze the improvements of history three years and soon after the present system pertaining to its overall details and proportions. So, i've started initially to show my own ideas. The report took many years as I expected. It took 2 yrs to perform because it had a need to restructure current statistical data to produce precise information. Now, we brand new statistical information entitled the "High knowledge Ideas control program." Considerable resources were used to prepare the report and been distributed to the general public on the Council of degree's site.

Why did you choose to deal with, particularly, the 3 primary strategies within "Roadmap" report in place of other dilemmas? Exactly what is the anticipated target of each and every of these three techniques? At the outset, we planned to embrace your whole dimension. But through the procedure, I opted to assess the three strategies that I start thinking about as the utmost critical for Turkey's 2023 plan. We formulated the very first section as a switch to development in high quality versus development in volume, the 2nd one whilst the development of scholastic manpower while the third as internationalization.

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