April 13, 2024
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Profoundly rooted with its founding principles, Kadir has actually University, created in 1997, is aimed at establishing itself as a worldwide center for study and systematic development, and is a nice-looking location for worldwide students and scholars. Kadir Has University’s overarching concern should improve its worldwide existence and be a place of first choice through continuous reform and adaptation to global needs across a variety of places.

The president regarding the University, Kadir offers, was one of the more crucial businessmen in Adana, involved in the automotive trade. He relocated to Istanbul in 1960 and became a prominent company figure within the town, founding the Mercedes Automotive and Truck factory and Coca Cola Company in chicken. He was additionally somebody of Peugeot minibus manufacturers and provider for Michelin tyres.

Kadir offers ended up being a benefactor for important tasks in education and health insurance and believed that he previously an honourable and dedicated responsibility to provide back again to Turkey. He established the Kadir Has Foundation for knowledge and bequeathed their whole estates on cause. Kadir Has’ biggest enthusiasm had been the institution and enhancement of their namesake university.

Our aim at Kadir Has University is produce a full world of knowledge, study, and conversation in the amount of the most effective universities in the field. Thus you can expect training considering both conventional disciplines and interdisciplinary designs; we foster the skills needed for continuing personal and social development; and, while assisting pupils get ready for the near future, we encourage their particular research greater facts.

The central tenet of Kadir Has University’s viewpoint is to create students that are self-confident, who question, who start thinking about all perspectives and evaluate all of them without bias, and who're ready to accept the winds of change. We want students to see that as successful scholars and satisfied individuals, they are the frontrunners of the societies.

The University consists of five faculties, each comprising Schools that provide training across a selection of vocational and educational subjects:

Faculty of Engineering and All-natural Sciences

The Faculty provides programs in computer system engineering; electrical/electronics engineering; industrial engineering; energy methods manufacturing; administration information methods (including information technologies program and administration information methods system); and bioinformatics and genetics.

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Personal Sciences

The Faculty offers a selection of topics in economics; company management; intercontinental trade and finance; international relations; governmental technology and community management; US culture and literature; and therapy.

Faculty of Communications

This professors shows programs in public relations and information; communication design; new media; radio, television and cinema; and advertising.

Faculty of legislation

The Faculty of Law speaks for itself. It offers a captivating system of both community and personal legislation, and legal industries where to specialise. It provides pupils with a-deep knowledge of understanding of appropriate topics domestically and internationally.

Professors of Art and Design

For students desperate to work in creative industries, this professors will build up your talent and abilities in professional design; graphics design; interior structure and environmental design; theater; and architecture.

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