Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

July 15, 2019
Istanbul Technical University

Our university was the pioneer on radio and television technologies throughout the country for years, thus, for the reason that direction; ITU Radio, because the very first University radio in chicken, was founded and had begun regular radio broadcast in 1945. In 1954, the initial radio transmitter with regularity modulation ended up being implemented plus 1971 the initial stereo-FM transmitter broadcast occurred. Created in 1953, 1st telestation, ITU-TV started its test telecasts, and in time, its very evolved tv infrastructure had offered for TRT until TRT Istanbul studios and their transmitter were create. But because of the radio and television monopoly rights in the united kingdom to TRT because of the Law, both regular evening broadcasts by ITU broadcast and regular once a week telecasts by ITU-TV were put an end. 

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Our institution radio, after a lengthy while, by a two-years’ restructure, finished its arrangements, and, on Sunday, 29th of October 1995, the 72. anniversary of Republican Day, at 7.30 p.m., both from FM station on cable-TV system (Anatolian Coast 92.4 MHz – European Coast 92.5 MHz) and from FM 103.8 MHz in ITU Ayazaga Campus peripheries on air, started Stereo Classical musical broadcasting. Because of the start of 1998, net broadcasting in addition began. Besides traditional songs, we in addition give location to the chosen examples from Rock and Jazz music on the radio. In the day, art tasks through the town and academic sees are established in development. ITU broadcast is going to continue to fulfill its academic and social features inside new broadcasting term by its severe polyphonic songs programs, because it have been previously.

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