Vocational Education and Training in Turkey

August 1, 2018
An Evolving Project…

GEMS knowledge Solutions was commissioned because of the European Union to deliver strategic consultancy for improvement a nationwide Quality Assurance Centre (NQAC) when it comes to Turkish federal government.


High quality vocational knowledge and education are required in chicken. Similar to other nations, search for educational instruction is favoured since it is observed that vocational training and careers are less respected.

The greatest goal of the Centre is oversee the utilization of strategies and guidelines for quality guarantee and improvement across higher education, vocational knowledge and lifelong discovering.


Led by Director of techniques, Sue Parker, our work involved analysing the current, quality assurance techniques inside the Turkish education system, keeping talks with key stakeholders in Turkey about what would and wouldn't normally work, and benchmarking against best-in-class systems operated by various other European countries.

The overarching strategy for quality assurance is going to be based on a brand new Turkish Quality Assurance Commission (TQAC) comprising 15 people attracted from across training, business, unions along with other influential bodies in Turkey. The TQAC are going to be founded to advise ministers about how to improve quality of the Turkish training system and its particular alignment with national economic and social concerns.

Three, possible models for the structure and procedure regarding the NQAC had been provided.

No matter what the model followed, the NQAC has actually three, 
crucial delivery features: understanding base and resources; monitoring and evaluation (of establishments and programs); and institutional and staff assistance. In addition has actually an appeals purpose for establishments unhappy because of the effects of exterior analysis following self-evaluation.

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