Higher education Board of Turkey

May 13, 2022
Agreement on the

When you look at the month of April, the Center for Studies in Higher Education additionally the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley sponsored the first seminar for this series. Bekir Gür, a Turkish educational and post- doctoral viewing scholar at UC Berkeley, composing a comparative study of United states and Turkish advanced schooling presented. The workshop covered the development of the bigger education system in chicken with regards to massification and democratization. Bekir Gür, revealed the present challenges about accessibility, quality, and democratization in Turkey.

Bekir Gür is a viewing scholar within University of California, Berkeley. He keeps an assistant Professor position at Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Ankara. Bekir Gür was an advisor to the Board of Higher Education (YÖK) of Turkey, the manager of educational plan analysis at SETA Foundation, Ankara, and a columnist for Star every day, increased blood circulation Turkish newsprint.

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Democratization and Massification of Higher Education in
Democratization and Massification of Higher Education in ...
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