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December 7, 2022
Review at the Middle East

METU JOURNAL REGARDING THE FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE is a biannual refereed book of this center East Specialized University published every June and December, while offering a thorough variety of articles contributing to the development of understanding in man-environment relations, design and preparation.

METU JFA allows submissions in English or Turkish, and assumes that the manuscripts received because of the Journal haven't been published previously or that aren't into consideration for publication somewhere else.

The Editorial Board claims no duty the opinions expressed in published manuscripts.

METU JFA encourages concept, research and history documents regarding following industries and associated interdisciplinary topics: architecture and urbanism, preparation and design, renovation and conservation, structures and creating systems technologies and design, product design and technologies.

Prospective manuscripts for book in these industries may constitute;
1. Initial theoretical papers;
2. Original study documents;
3. Documents and critical expositions;
4. Applied scientific studies related to expert rehearse;
5. Educational works, commentaries and reviews;
6. Book reviews

Translation of other writers’ works isn't accepted. Manuscripts provided towards the diary for publication should comply with the structure outlined in the creator instructions. Submissions that are not in conformity using the record directions will be gone back to the author(s).

The ‘online submission website’ is currently available!
Starting from March 2013, authors should publish manuscripts on the web, as the Editor in addition to Editorial Board users will likely to be informed instantly.

The brand new system additionally supplies the publisher and the Editorial Board Members with all the chance to comminicate on the web with writers and reviewers, on a double-blind procedure, with a prompt routine. It should be mentioned that manuscripts, that aren't submitted utilizing the on the web system, will never be considered for book.

All Correspondence:
METU Journal for the Faculty of Architecture
Middle East Specialized University Faculty of Architecture
Dumlupınar Bulvarı, 06800 Ankara, TURKEY
Tel: (90.312) 210 70 38 Fax: (90.312) 210 22 97
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Source: jfa.arch.metu.edu.tr
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