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November 22, 2021
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JUNE 17-19, 2015



The annual METU meeting on Overseas Relations may be held between the 17 year. The motif for this year`s meeting is “Area Studies and International Relations: Intersecting proportions.”

In recent years there is an ever growing comprehending that area researches as an interdisciplinary field and old-fashioned disciplines mutually add and enrich each other’s industry of research. The hyperlink between international relations and area researches is very distinct within respect. Although the modes of systematic query vary in area scientific studies and worldwide relations, the main topic of their particular query often overlaps: the discussion of peoples and establishments within and across regions. Equipped with different but suitable conceptualizations and methodologies, both of these areas create not contradictory but complementary clinical understanding. A heightened collaboration between both of these fields would subscribe to our comprehension of regions inside our contemporary world.

Although international relations has a rich history of getting together with various other procedures including sociology and political science, such an intersection with area studies expands the methodological perspectives for the intercontinental relations, revealing it to practices and strategies varying because wide as anthropology, history, literature and urban politics. At the same time it expands the perspectives of area researches, underlining the interconnectedness of places both historically along with modern world, carving out new spaces, worldwide and transnational, the research of usually regional problems. Overall, this provides and further guarantees theoretically revolutionary yet empirically detailed scientific studies which are grounded inside their places but that can play a role in the debates of international relations.

Within the conference, you will have both panels and concurrent workshops on numerous places (Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa), including web hosting keynote speeches.

Keynote Speakers

Asef Bayat (University of Illinois) "Promise and Pitfalls of region Studies"

Loubna El Amine (Georgetown University) "Comparative governmental Theory: Between Universalism and Particularism"

Keynote Speech: Roy Bin Wong (University of Ca at Los Angeles) "The Global need for China's 'One Belt One Road' in historic Perspective"

Yuliya Biletska (Karabük University) "EuroMaidan and the War in Donbass: The Nation-Building in Ukraine Reloaded"

Besides panels and workshops that mirror the most up-to-date debates inside their subject matter, there'll also be a round-table focusing on in theory and methodologically informed discussions of location studies and intercontinental relations.

This summit will host only a small wide range of selected panels and workshops to produce an environment that enables detailed conversations for each paper. We anticipate each panel and workshop to create an edited volume therefore all applications are going to be assessed in accordance with their publication prospects.


An application will include:
1. The paper/panel subject
2. A short abstract including methodology, primary presumptions and conclusions of report (2500 characters optimum)

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