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November 19, 2021
La Terre en Marche, TED Ankara

In just one more government-orchestrated operation targeting the faith-based Gülen activity, popularly referred to as Hizmet motion, significantly more than 100 police done raids on establishments associated with the private Samanyolu college team in Ankara in the beginning Monday, including a detailed search of a kindergarten.

Counterterrorism units accompanied police officers from Anti-smuggling and Organized Crime Bureau (KOM), just who began their search of Samanyolu schools when they were asked to present a warrant by Adnan Şeker, the attorney representing Samanyolu schools.

This latest procedure targeting Gülen-inspired schools was ordered by Ankara Public Prosecutor Serdar Coşkun, who's in charge of the Bureau for Crimes from the Constitutional purchase within the Ankara Public Prosecutor's workplace.

A search warrant had been released for several schools that are an element of the personal Samanyolu Education Institutions and Atlantik Education organizations teams by the Ankara 5th Criminal Court of Peace. It absolutely was authorized by Judge Yunus Süer, and allowed riot police officers to participate the raids as back-up teams.

Police that were part of a raid carried out at Samanyolu university for a passing fancy day requested the management to deactivate all the security camera systems into the school's building while they completed a look for medications. Many users on Twitter regarded this unusual demand as an endeavor to secretly plant drugs during the school.

Moms and dads of pupils gathered at Samanyolu establishments after reading concerning the police raids to show their particular help the schools. Showcasing the terrorist activity happening in the east and southeastern provinces associated with country, one parent spoke to your Cihan development company, saying, “This is a shame for all mankind. Our troops, cops are increasingly being martyred truth be told there. [Conversely] this school's only crime is always to raise kiddies that will be advantageous to the nation.”

Pak Education and Science Employees Union (Pak Eğitim-İş) Chairman Abdullah Kayışkıran in addition spoke to Cihan, stating that throughout the search cops even launched a manhole address and asked, “Is one thing within?”

Another moms and dad of a Samanyolu high-school student said: "this will be one of the better schools in chicken. We enrolled our kids inside college to protect all of them from becoming terrorists or drug addicts. We worked very hard to allow our children becoming informed right here. I enrolled my young ones in this school because i am aware that they are safe here."

Stating that she saw the authorities raid on TV development and rushed towards school, the parent said: “Why did you deactivate the digital cameras? I saw police popping in with big suitcases. What is in those suitcases? … i'd like my young ones to graduate here.”

Unfurling a banner, she added: “These schools raise children which can be respectful toward their banner, toward folks and they are devoted.” After the woman address, various other moms and dads waiting as you're watching school applauded loudly.

Another moms and dad stated that we now have many pupils which die from drug use in schools when you look at the eastern provinces of Turkey and requested, “What is the police interested in here?” Discussing the schools' authorities prompted by the Hizmet activity, she added: “These folks are involved with no crimes except that getting traffic seats. However you retain raiding these establishments.”

Çukurambar Primary class, that is among Atlantik training team's organizations, ended up being among the list of schools raided by police on Monday. Main Cevdet Çelik stated that cops were looking for a concealed storage space inside college. “They even looked inside the fridge. One officer tried to dismantle a fiddle present in a classroom. They think we're concealing some thing and therefore they were finding a concealed area, ” Çelik highlighted.

Ahmet Arslan, deputy principal of the Ahmet Ulusoy high-school, also an Atlantik group establishment, was detained after a raid on his college, having allegedly resisted cops. Talking to the hit while being taken up to authorities station, Arslan stated: “They provided united states with no search warrants. This really is unlawful. They raid educational organizations with an army of police officers at 11 a.m.”

An increasing amount of schools inspired because of the Gülen activity have already been targeted because of the Justice and developing celebration (AK celebration) following an important examination of so-called graft that implicated President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also top AK Party numbers, that has been made community on Dec. 17, 2013. Then-Prime Minister Erdoğan accused the Gülen activity of instigating the operation so that you can overthrow their government.

In May 2014, Erdoğan publicly advised AK celebration supporters not to ever deliver their children to schools impressed by the activity, vowing, “We won't even offer water to them [the activity's sympathizers].” He's got also stated however complete a “witch look” against you aren't links to your action. Erdoğan has also purchased officials in AK Party-run municipalities to seize land and buildings owned by those motivated by the Gülen action in the slightest required. The motion strongly denies the allegations no indictment or research has-been brought against it.

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