Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture

April 3, 2023


Due to an array of agricultural potential in Bursa, the first attempts for the establishment regarding the professors of Agriculture had been made in 1968-69 with committed administrative support both from City Council and University’s Founders Society, which got great general public help consequently.

Undoubtedly, Bursa Provincial Directorate of National knowledge ready a study in 1969 for establishment for the Faculty of Agriculture in an university in Bursa by giving needed justifications and requested the assistance of Aegean University to do this goal.

Attempts had been continuing to determine a professors of Agriculture in Bursa although the Agricultural Faculty Council of Ankara University discovered it appropriate to determine a Faculty of Agriculture in Bursa and provided its help for this work. This suggestion ended up being submitted into the senate of Ankara University. Following this suggestion, the negotiations among the rectorates of Bursa and Ankara University as well as the representatives of Faculty of Agriculture were initiated.

Prof. Dr. Mr. Nihat BALKIR, the rector associated with University of Bursa, made a credit card applicatoin to for the organization of Faculty of Agriculture on 7 November 1980 and the Ministry of Education approved this application on 09 November 1980 upon getting the good viewpoint of this State preparing Organization. Following this phase, the faculty of agriculture was launched in addition to agricultural education had been started in the structures associated with the Bursa Agricultural Vocational School due to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and remote Affairs, Faculty of Agriculture.

According to Bursa University Senate's program no 81-9 dated 05 July 1981, it absolutely was decided that eight faculty members of the professors of agriculture of Ankara University ended up being invited to establish the faculty of agriculture in Bursa. This demand ended up being authorized by the farming professors board of Ankara University according to the article no 46 of bill no 1750. Therefore, Prof. Dr. M. Rifat OKUYAN, Prof. Dr. Ahmet ERKUŞ, Prof. Dr. Y. Sabit AĞAOĞLU, Prof. Dr. Halis Ruhi EKİNGEN, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Bahattin KOVANCI, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Günal AKBAY, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Rahmi KESKİN and Assoc.Prof. Dr. Abdurrahim KORUKÇU was appointed for a period of 36 months to ascertain the professors of agriculture in Bursa.

Bursa University 's Founders Committee, chaired because of the rector Prof. Dr. Nihat BALKIR, elected Prof.Dr. M. Rifat OKUYAN once the first dean of faculty of agriculture of University of Bursa on 04 Summer 1981. Faculty Administrative Board chose to provide a start to undergraduate scientific studies with 30 students during 1981-1982 scholastic 12 months in Faculty of Agriculture of University of Bursa, and an inaguration service happened on December seventh, 1981.

Utilizing the decision associated with the Faculty Administrative Board, all students had been placed into Horticulture level program in the 1st year. However, in 1982-1983 educational 12 months, 105 students got the opportunity to go after Horticulture, Field Crops, Animal Science and Food Science and Technology level programs in four individual divisions. In 1983, Plant Protection, Culturtechnique, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Mechanization and Soil Science Departments had been established. In 1988-1989 educational year, 24 students had been enrolled toward division of Culturtechnique (in 1991 the division title had been changed to your Department of Agricultural Structures and Irrigation) and 25 students had been accepted into Department of Plant cover in 1990-1991 educational 12 months. Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Economics and Soil Science Departments started initially to admit pupils in 1993-1994 scholastic year. Division of Landscape Architecture had been established in 1999.

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