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December 29, 2021
Classes: 2002-03 2003-04

Professor Dr. Tahsin Yomralioglu was created in Trabzon, chicken, in 1964. He received their college education at Karadeniz Technical University (KTU), Trabzon, in which he graduated from division of Surveying Engineering in 1985. In 1986, he had been appointed as a Research Assistant on exact same department. He obtained his M.Sc. Eng. Degree in 1988 as well as in similar 12 months he got grant to perform their analysis overseas.

For 2 years, he handled Land Ideas techniques in the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, Canada with Prof. Dr. John McLaughlin. In 1993, he received his Ph.D. from University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England because of the thesis title “A Nominal Asset Value-Based Approach for Land Readjustment and its own execution utilizing Geographical Information System”, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. David Parker.

In 1994, he had been appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surveying Engineering at KTU. In 1995, he became an Associate Professor and a full-time Professor In 1995 and 2001, correspondingly. Last year, he was appointed as a professor at the professors of Civil Engineering division of Geomatics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in the area of Geographic Information Systems.

In 1994, he became the Deputy Chairman of this division, as well as the Head for the both Cartography therefore the Land Management divisions at KTU. He in addition appointed whilst the General Secretary of KTU, and an adviser on Rector of KTU in Trabzon as well as the Rector of ITU in Istanbul. He's supported a part on different commissions at TUBITAK, Higher Education, and worked as a project supervisor and expert in a number of general public and private organizations. He supervised about thirty analysis and development tasks. He established ITU-GeoIT graduate program together with very first national GIS R&D innovation center of Turkey.

He has published many intercontinental and national scientific-research journals in the field of Geographical i . t, Land Management, and Property Valuation. Prof. Dr. Yomralioglu is currently a faculty user at Geomatics Engineering division of ITU. He is married and it has two young ones.


Place of Birth - Akoren Village of Akcaabat, Trabzon - Turkey.


‣1981-1985 B.Sc., Karadeniz Specialized University (KTU), Surveying Eng.

‣1985-1988 M.Sc., KTU, Institute of Science, Geomatics Engineering

‣1986-1993 Research Assistant, KTU, Geomatics Engineering

‣1988-1990 Research, Univ. of the latest Brunswick, Surveying, Canada.

‣1990-1993 PhD, Newcastle University, Geomatics, England.

‣1994-1995 Assis. Professor, KTU, Surveying Eng, Cartography Division.

‣1995-2001 Assoc. Prof, KTU, Surveying Eng, Land Control Division.

‣2001-2009 Professor, KTU, Surveying Engineering

‣2009-20xx Professor, Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Geomatics Eng.


‣1985-1988 Surveying Engineer at Trabzon Municipality in Land Readjustment task.

‣1985-1988 M.Sc., KTU, Institute of Science, Geomatics Engineering.

‣1986-1993 Analysis Assistant at KTU, Land Control Division.

‣1988-1990 Scholarship assignment for overseas (Canada) by Turkish advanced schooling.

‣1988-1990 analysis and Evaluation with Professor John McLaughlin, at the University of the latest Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada.

‣1989-1990 President of "Turkish Student Society" during the University of brand new Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada.

‣1989-1990 Accountant of the Global Student community at University of the latest Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada.

‣1990-1993 Scholarship assignment for overseas (The united kingdomt) by Turkish advanced schooling.

‣1990-1993 PhD work with Prof David Parker at the University of Newcastle Upon kind, England.

‣1991-1992 "Arc/Info GIS" program lecturer, Dept. of Surveying, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

‣1992-1993 The president and president of "Turkish beginner Society" on University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.

‣1990-1993 PhD Degree, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Faculty of Science, division of Surveying, The united kingdomt.

‣1994-1995 Assistant Professor at KTU Trabzon chicken, division of Surveying, Division of Cartography.

‣1994-1995 Deputy president of division of Surveying Engineering at KTU, Trabzon chicken.

‣1994-1996 Chairman of Cartography Division of Surveying Dept. KTU.

‣1995-2001 Associated Professor within KTU, Dept. of Surveying, Division of Land control, Land Readjustment expertise area.

‣1995-1999 The president and president of Geodesy&Photogrammetry Society (JEFOD), Trabzon, chicken.

‣1996-2009 The founder and executer of GISLab Research&Development Lab at KTU.

‣1996-1998 Chairman of Land control Division of Surveying Dept.

‣1996-1997 consultant to your Rector of Karadeniz Specialized University, Trabzon Turkey.

‣1997-2001 General Secretary of Karadeniz Technical University.

‣2001-2009 Full-time Professor in Surveying Eng at KTU, Trabzon chicken.

‣2003-2008 Chairman of Land control Division of Surveying Dept.

‣2006-2009 Chairman of Trabzon Chamber of study and Cadastre Engineers department of Turkish Engineers&Architects Union.

‣2007-20xx The creator and president of Geo-Informatics Association (COBİD), Trabzon, Turkey.

‣2007-2011 Advisory Board Member of Turkish Scientific and Technologies Research Council (CAYDAG).

‣2009-2011 Sub-committee person in Turkish related Professor Examiner board in Engineering Branch.

‣2009-20xx Full-time Professor in Geomatics Eng at ITU, Istanbul Turkey.

‣2009-2012 consultant toward Rector of Istanbul Specialized University, Istanbul chicken.

‣2011-2012 Member within the Board of Directors of ITU-National Computing Center, Istanbul.

‣2010-20xx The Founder and Coordinator of ITU Geo-Information Technologies scholar Division of this Informatics Institute, Istanbul, chicken.

‣2011-20xx The creator and Directory of ITU-National Geo-Information Technologies Innovation Center, Istanbul, chicken.

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