Istanbul Elementary Schools

March 7, 2023
Turkish elementary school

ESL instructorAN UNITED STATES BUDDY I'd taught with in Taiwan beckoned me to Istanbul with stories of regional guys serenading Western women, luring them into love means with baklava. Her descriptions of lunch by the seaside and active spruce markets charmed me entirely to the travel agency.

“It’s my New York, but better, ” she had stated.

I obtained my suitcase and beverage glass ready.

Upon arriving, a group of phony blondes congregated within airport entry gates utilizing the sort of urgency that states: “This is a superb destination.” Counting brilliant headscarf after brilliant headscarf, my very first impression of Istanbul had been part-Europe, part-Asia, and part hyperactive child in the beach.

Now that i've been living and teaching in Istanbul for a couple months, there’s however sufficient radiation to keep me personally experiencing like a vacation woman, even training forty plus hours per week.

Factors for teaching


When considering a job here, it is vital to remember that you are nonetheless the same kind of barking English teacher that you're anywhere else in Asia, but you will probably receive money good money and have now enough eager pupils to really make it worthwhile.

Regional Vibe

Expect you'll amuse your pupils as much as you teach them, and anticipate becoming showered with home-cooked meals from friendly students which appreciate the time and effort you place into the courses. Many is going to be prepared to share their language and culture.

Turkish bathCulture

In the event you tire associated with workaholic routine that English schools will probably enforce, there is always the hammam (Turkish shower) to have pleasure in, in which a burly masseuse or masseur, will scrub you would like Hercules.


Culinary delights abound, including fish nevertheless squirming fresh available dining table, offered by boisterous males in rubber shoes. Rice is frequently replaced with a selection of various other, much more inspiring carbs, like flower-shaped natural herb loaves of bread, and cherry-filled baklava.

The great lamb is prevalent, sliced with grilled peppers and tomatoes, and served together with yogurt, cilantro, and pita breads.

Job Location

For anyone seeking ESL training work in Istanbul, numerous jobs abound, and will be found by walking to the language schools themselves, or through the use of with a resume, employment cover letter, photo, and scanned content of qualifications and passport over the Internet.

While i've never ever been aware of an English college here that does not need instructors (therefore you will probably be working some severe overtime) exclusive language schools mostly employ individuals with a Canadian, British, Australian, or American passport, a TESOL certification (or similar qualification) and/or a degree in virtually any subject, from an established institution.

First-time instructors are usually welcome, as tend to be folks of various many years. My current work staff includes everyone else from centuries twenty to fifty-five, and they're usually sane individuals, from various expert backgrounds.

marketplace in IstanbulAccomodation

Some schools offer accommodation, but the majority don’t. However, there are throngs of English teachers actively searching for roommates, and most language schools will offer some help in finding an affordable and comfortable place to live.


Charges for accommodation, food, and other necessities of life tend to be similar to Canada, the US, and some parts of Europe. As Turkey is within close distance to many Middle-Eastern and European countries, you can also wish travel.

Based on whether or not you decide to go by train, jet, coach, or vehicle, costs may differ from the extraordinarily inexpensive to the staggeringly high priced.


Istanbul does not have any shortage of activities to do. In the Greek one-fourth, old ladies haggle over striped socks at the market and fresh fruit vendors greet buyers with heaping triangles of olives and figs. Speeding taxis with bashed-in fronts steer and skid among the crowds of pedestrians spilling on the curbs into the downtown areas.

Women offering blossoms because of the vessel docks press stems of daffodils under your nostrils, commanding, in their hats and headscarves, only buck a lot of money.

One of my best moments to date in Istanbul was taking pictures of stray cats in a historic graveyard at 7am, while gents and ladies beat rugs, guys prayed, and kids chased pigeons. Everyone was doing their particular every day tasks, however it ended up being however impressive.


Many clubs in almost every section of the city provide a cushty places for expats and locals alike to obtain their particular groove on. While venturing out is pricey, one will feel after the night, like their money has been well spent.

In Istanbul, atmosphere is everything- clubs and pubs are “dressed on nines” with plush velour, seaside sitting, water pipes, hip songs, and cheerful chatter in numerous languages.

For me personally, Istanbul is an area to sleep my rucksack while I’m turning the tricks regarding the English-teaching trade, but my value when it comes to location as well as its individuals today goes beyond my preliminary pinwheel of traveler pictures. It is now my short-term house, and one that We see myself going back to.

For aspiring and experienced tourists, there is no other city that quite captures the glamor of a martini glass, the pizzazz of a belly performer, in addition to crazy imagination of two continents.

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